7 Totally Free Nursing Apps Every Nurse Must Have

We all know that nursing is a profession that is known for the incredible support they provide. 

However, finding support for themselves is a challenge. With the rise of mobile technology, there are now many new ways to help Nurses get access to the information and support they need.

Here are 7 of the latest and most useful Nursing Apps available today to help nurses reduce stress and be more effective.


Connect with 800,000 members and peer-to-peer networking for nurses and nursing students. The app allows practicing nurses and students to find professional support and the latest nursing news. Offering the same set of tools as the website, the app allows users to post and read message threads, read/vote on polls, and search for topics.

IV Drug Handbook

McGraw-Hill’s I.V. Drug Handbook delivers concise, practical guidance, featuring a strong focus on patient safety, administering and monitoring. Written by and for practicing nurses and pharmacists, the Handbook is reliable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use.

You can search more than 350 parenteral drugs including antibiotics, insulin, pain medications, and emergency drugs. Each drug’s listing includes the latest FDA warnings, comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines for administration, including covering preparation, dilution and compatibility, infusion rates, admixtures, supportive therapies, and monitoring.


Nursing Exams

An extremely useful app for Nurses and Nursing Students! You can find a lot of questions from different nursing specialities, and est your nursing skills or prepare for your exams. The app covers topics such as: Fundamentals of Nursing, Community Health, Medical-Surgical, Mental Health, Maternal and Child, Psychiatric Nursing.

Nursing IQ

NursingIQ is a time based trivia game for nurses, nursing students, and other healthcare workers. Made by nurses for nurses, it features over 40 levels to play, this game tests your nursing knowledge while helping you learn and/or re-learn general nursing concepts.

It is an educational game to help sharpen your nursing skills while having fun.


Nursing Dictionary

Nursing Dictionary gives you free, instant access to more than 56,000 medical terms and 9,000 images from multiple medical dictionaries trusted by healthcare professionals.

Clear, in-depth medical definitions from across multiple disciplines, including entries on the five-step nursing process, nursing intervention, nursing specializations, patient monitoring, anatomy, diseases, treatments, tests and procedures, medical research topics, and much more. It also features 27,000 audio pronunciations for both American and British speakers in online mode.

Nursing Central

According to the website, Nursing Central is the “premier source of disease, drug, and test information for nurses.”

Use it to search MEDLINE, find detailed information on diseases, tests, and procedures. It sends your favorite nursing journals’ table of contents to your phone. For example, the app has a database of 5,000 drugs. The included medical dictionary has more than 65,000 terms. All of that information is immediately available through the app.


Nurses Pocket Guide

Nurse’s Pocket Guide is significantly cheaper than Nursing Central, for a limited version of similar functionality. The medical app’s main purpose is helping you create effective nursing-care plans and accurate nursing diagnoses.

It’s got definitions, related factors, defining characteristics, prioritized actions/interventions, rationales, NIC/NOC classifications, and documentation guidelines for 440 updated NANDA-I 2012-2014 diagnoses.

You can also search by symptom. The app lists suggested actions and interventions by nursing priority.

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