An Interview with Navneet Kaushal, CEO PageTraffic

In an exclusive interview, PageTraffic CEO Navneet Kaushal shares his decade of experience in running a successful digital marketing company, rare insights and thoughts about the industry’s future.

Hi Navneet, Please Share the journey of Page Traffic

PageTraffic Web Tech was founded in 2002, when Digital Marketing scene in India was still in its nascent stage. I have been hooked to technology since my college days and it was then that I came across the concept of Search Engine Optimization. PageTraffic is one of the first few SEO companies in India. Started as a small setup, now we have our offices in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, and Chicago.

The main reason Page traffic has scaled so fast and how it stood out from the competition

When we started, there was almost no competition in the Indian SEO market. Still, it wasn’t effortless to convince Indian clients to spend a certain amount on our services. Businesses were slowly getting online, and the awareness was limited. One thing that has been our strength, from beginning till now, is our commitment to quality and customers. We ensure to provide value to our clients. This has always been our driving force. Secondly, it’s all about staying up to date with what’s happening in the world of search engines. Add these two ingredients, and you have the perfect recipe to success.

Marketing strategies you use to grow faster

Our work speaks for itself, but yes, we are very active on various social media platforms. We update our website,, regularly. We keep on introducing new packages to our clients. And last but not least, word of mouth does the job for us.

How and why failure is necessary for success

Every failure is a brand new opportunity. An opportunity to correct when went wrong, a chance to unlearn and learn. If there will be no mistake, there will be no learning. It’s failures that drives us to get better. So, yes, they are an essential driving force.

The key factor behind Pagetraffic’s explosive growth

PageTraffic’s commitment to quality is the key factor. We are here to help our clients grow and if we have been able to do that, we have grown too. Stay true to your business ethics and committed to clients, you will grow.

How do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies

I followed my biggest hobby when I founded PageTraffic Web Tech Pvt Ltd. I still spend most of my free time online reading blogs, talking to people, answering questions. When you are living your passion, there is no better way to spend your free time. When I am not working, I am travelling, trying exotic foods and playing games

What advice would you give to a small business that is putting up its first site

In the beginning, it’s important to break down your targets and have a clear road map of where your money is going to come from. We advise our clients to invest small amounts, target local or long tail keywords in the beginning and slowly scale up.

Navneet’s best tips for hiring great talent

I prefer attitude over aptitude. If a candidate with a great aptitude doesn’t have the right attitude, it’s not going to work. Hire the candidate with the right attitude, train them for the next best job but give them a reason to stay.

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