An Interview With Nathan Gotch From Gotch SEO

Today, I’m talking with Nathan Gotch, the founder of where he helps businesses earn more search traffic through SEO.

If you read up on SEO, it seems like everybody is obsessed with links, and for good reason: backlinks have been the biggest factor in getting a page to rank. Nathan is here to say that while links matter, going into 2019 you need to broaden your focus.

In our chat, Nathan lays out why the search landscape is changing, what that means for your SEO strategy and your business, and shares the specific tactics he is using to continue to rank for competitive keywords without 100s of links.

When you’re building a real business, you can’t take the risk of using grey- and black-hat tactics and if you follow Nathan’s advice, you won’t have to.

1. Hi Gotch, Please Introduce Yourself to Our Audience?

My name is Nathan Gotch and I’m the founder of Gotch SEO, an SEO training company. I discovered SEO back in 2013 and fell in love with it.

2. How to Find Your Niche in the Online World

Brainstorm what interests you. What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing? What are you skilled at? I also start this way because you have to enjoy the topic to continue working on it long-term. Once you’ve established some ideas, then you need to do keyword research. The objective of stage two is to see if you can actually compete in the niche. If not, you’ll need to niche down further or move onto a different idea.

3. The Secrets Behind Effective Content Marketing and How It Can Improve Your Business

I split my content marketing up using the 80/20 rule. 80% of my content is keyword-driven so I can drive organic search traffic. The other 20% is built for pure content marketing purposes (usually case studies, social proof, etc). The entire goal of content marketing to build trust and rapport with prospects so you can eventually turn them into customers down the road. That’s accomplished by creating expert-level content and establishing yourself as a trusted advisor.

4. How Do You Find Untapped Keyword Ideas with Great Traffic Potential

My first move to analyze competitors using tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush. With Ahrefs, you can sort keywords by length, Keyword Difficulty (KD), and other filters to identify low-hanging fruits (with big traffic potential).

5. How to Build Quality Relationships with Influencers to Increase Your Brand’s Exposure

Interviews (like this) are an incredibly effective tool for building relationships. Every “influencer” wants to market themselves.

6. The Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make When Using SEO

Publishing too much content. Organic search is more competitive than ever and it takes tremendously valuable content to compete in most niches. You need to allocate your time and resources to create epic shit (otherwise you’ll go unnoticed).

7. What the Best Practice  to Generate Backlinks to Your Website

Create content assets worth linking to!

Here are some areas where existing content is commonly in need of improvement that you can look for in ranking pieces:

  • Is there outdated information?
  • Could you include fresh photos that look better than those featured in ranking pieces?
  • Can you build a (more) visually stunning infographic?
  • Could you add more or better statistics than the current pieces feature?

Once you’ve created a piece that’s better than your competitors, remember to update it regularly. Keeping your information up-to-date and your page looking great will ensure this asset is something others will want to read, click on, and link to — all positive signals that Google looks for when ranking pages.

If done correctly, people will continue to click, which will drive your piece higher, which can bring more links…which will keep driving your page up the rankings!

8. The Key to Growing a Business Beyond Yourself

You need to create processes and systems, and then train people to operate them.

9. How and Why You Should Do Blogger Outreach

Because you can’t grow (to your potential) without building relationships with influential people in your niche.

10. What the Most Important Metrics Are for Growing Your Brand’s Exposure and Visibility

Traffic is king when it comes to brand’s exposure. However, the key metric in business is profitability. So all KPIs should lead to that end goal.

11. How to Create Content That Generates You Leads and Customers

Create content that’s different and better than what currently exists.

12. How You Monetized Your Blog

I first monetized by providing SEO services. Then I took the capital from my SEO services and invested into my SEO training course.

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