Media.Net : Average CPC & Payment Method for Bloggers and Publishers is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. In extending the series of the monetization program. Let’s we discuss the payment mode and CPC. It’s an ad network being run by yahoo and Microsoft Bing. set up various criteria to use their monetization program. First, You have a popular blog with high amount of daily traffic and higher page views per day. We have already discussed approval procedures and criteria. Newbie has some common question about CPC and Payment method. average,  CPC and CPM ?

Like Google Adsense, It’s a CPM and CPM network.its pay more of a CPC rather than a CPM .media net CPM and CPM are depended upon country, language, and content of the site. It pays more on English content. Here average CPC of traffic from below countries.

  • Italy $1.29
  • Switzerland $0,95
  • Germany $0,99
  • US $1.05
  • Austria $0.98

It has lower CPM rate than Google Adsense.But some like Display Ad Unit Sizes and Compatible with Google AdSense is increased the CPM revenue. Initially, I got better RPM but as time passing RPM also goes down, but they give an average of $4 RPM. My friend made $200 in just 7 days with Payment Methods monetization program offers two payment can choose any one of PayPal and Wire transfer. You total revenue will finalise  30th of the month. Like Google Adsense It’s minimum Payout threshold is $100. So you can only withdraw if your money once you reach threshold limit that is$100 in your account.The publisher should update payment information before 20th of the month.
To make more revenue using from your website content. your blog  must have the following things:

  • High-quality content, traffic and page view.
  • Visitors come from SE.
  • Most of the traffic come from United States / Canada / United Kingdom
  • Your blog have English as the primary language
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