How to Create a Killer Media Kit (for New Bloggers)

Are you looking to get direct advertisements, sponsored post opportunities and clients for your services through your blog?
Many companies and advertisers who want to work with your brand wants to know more information about you and your brand.
Where do they get details about your brand?
They have to depend on various tools, traffic estimator services to get the data, which is not 100% accurate information.
Once your blog gets recognition among blogosphere, you will get a lot of enquiries regarding paid reviewsadvertisement space, and social campaigns from clients.
You can make your prospect clients happy by telling your story through media kit which gives them complete picture about you and your brand.
So I will jump into our present topic to discuss further.
What is Media Kit & Why we need it?
A media kit is a way to inform your clients about accurate facts and statisticsabout your blog in a legitimate way, it allows marketers to know about your brand information by you without depending on third party services.
Here you can write what topics your blog covers, how many followers you have on different social media platforms, what are your services and prices you are offering, examples of your present collaborations with different brands, examples of your paid reviews and so on.
You can raise a question, is it mandatory to have a media kit?
For this question, my answer is Yes and No
It is not mandatory to have a media kit, but if you have one, it looks in a professional way how you are dedicated to your services, and you can convey the message to your potential advertiser or client why he should work with you.

How To Make A Media Kit For Your Blog?

Now we come to know the importance of media kit to get more clients through our blog, but you might think how to create a media kit for our blog, how it should look, what are the parameters we should consider adding on our media kit.
So many templates are available online for media kits, we can even make plain text article with some screenshots to support our data, whatever the medium we use a template or text article we should include some important details for better business opportunities, which I am going to share one by one.

Overview about your blog

Writing an overview about you and your brand  like when did you start your blog, what type of topics you cover and write about, what made you create this brand, what struggles you faced in initial days of blogging and how you reached this position.
All these thing helps clients to know more about you personally, some clients emotionally connect with you relating  their problems with your shared struggles.
Don’t praise yourself too much in this bio which looks unnatural or “salesy”, but try to write it in a professional way so that your prospect client should think that he is the right guy who can help their business.

Your Blog Traffic & Audience Info

Blog traffic and audience information will allow marketers to know the size of your reach, with this data they can come to know whether they can reach the targetted audience through your blog as per their need or not.
I am recommending you to add below list of parameters in your blog traffic and audience info.

  • Unique visitors / month
  • Pageviews / month
  • Countries where you are getting high traffic
  • Desktop and mobile traffic stats
  • Organic traffic and referral traffic stats

Social Media Influence

Now brands are considering social media influence of the blogger to estimate the value of the brand so add all your social media profiles information with the number followers.
Rather than concentrating on social media followers number try to build an engaging community on those platforms, and try to add some Twitter snippets which support your social media influence.
Add your social media following growth information comparing with the last year, try to add all the positive things you are doing to improve your brand.

Subscribers Information

Email subscribers are loyal readers of your blog, advertisers even know that if you have a decent number of subscribers they can get some sales conversions with your list itself, so include your subscribers stats on your media kit.
Showing growth stats of your email list will allow marketers to predict the future of your brand and it will force them to think how important you are for their brand.


Testimonials are very important to build trust, if you have already worked with some brands then include those brand logo in testimonial part if you are not worked with any company before then try to offer your service for free to some companies and take permission to display their logo on your blog.
Adding testimonials with supported proofs like case studies, social campaigns results, conversions, success rate, will help clients to know how experienced you are in dealing with the brands.

Services You Are Offering?

This is the place where you will mention how you are going to promote their brand, like paid reviews, ad placements, social media campaigns, webinars, freelance works like web design, writing, and so on.
Here list out all the services you are offering and add your prices how much you are going to charge for that service so that your clients can come to know which services to choose from you to fit their budget.

Contact Details

It is the most important part on your media kit, you have to mention your email address, Skype ID to reach you.
Clear call to action button at the end of the media kit by summing up all the benefits they get by collaborating with your brand will increase the chances of getting a client.

Media Kit Example For Reference

Conclusion: I hope this article about how to make a media kit for your blog will to create one and gets you good clients for you.
I request you to kindly share your thoughts, opinions, experiences about media kit in comments section so that readers can more information about this topic

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