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I’m really excited for today’s interview with Mani Karthik.

This guy started out like many bloggers, but he really took it to the next level when he created, a personal blog that ultimately became a full-time business, allowing him to quit his regular job and return to india.  The blog was a huge success, earning upwards of $10k in its best months.

In this interview, we not only talk about Mani’s success stories, but we also learn about how he built up his blog’s traffic, and the most effective way he found to monetize it.

Please Tell Us About Yourself and How You Got into Blogging

I was born in India and completed my education there.

During this time, I developed an interest in computers. Of course, it was video games that got me there first.

But I tried different stuff and developed a keen interest in learning how the internet worked (it was a new thing then lol).

This whole idea of me being able to sit in my bedroom in pajamas, sharing my shower-thought on a world platform, and someone sitting halfway around the globe, being able to collaborate/engage on it, just blew my mind.

So, I started tinkering with the web. Like making websites for my favorite celebs and stuff (like any teenager would do).

Fast forward to college, and I was making enough money on the side already.

That’s when I stumbled upon blogging. And ever since, got hooked to it.

Today, I make around five figures in income (in US dollars), monthly. It’s been a fun ride getting here.

I worked in the US and UAE for about a decade, helping companies big and small help succeed online. But I got bored and returned back to India and is into full time blogging.

Please Share the Journey of

I started it as a personal journal back in 2005. All my marketing related activities and projects were elsewhere and the personal blog was where I’d lament about all the other interesting stuff. Like what movies I watched and what I thought about the new mobile phone. Stuff that I’d share with friends.

I never did SEO or promote it. But today, it generates me more traffic than anything else and I write about everything that I’ve learned in my life. From spirituality to personal finance and everything in between.

What Kind of Promotion Activities You Use for Mani Karthik

All the free stuff. Content. Content. Content.

Whatever happens on it is organic, no reach out.

I strongly believe in pull marketing and not push. I hate the hard sell so there’s a lot of pull back on promotions.

What Would You Advice Someone Who Wants to Make Money from Blogging

Sounds cliche, but don’t chase it for the money. Use it as a platform to showcase your passion, talent or interest.

You will find out the ways to monetize it once you have enough audience. So money should be an afterthought, not something you chase.

What’s Your Secret to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Failures and not being bogged down by it.

I experiment a lot. With content, with formats, with code. Most of the time things don’t work. Usually, something that you never imagined would work, might pop.

So, what’s important is to keep trying what you can, get creative and just not stop when things don’t work.

People would only see your 1% work that works and perceive you for success.

What Strategies Do You Use to Monetize Your Blog Traffic

Mostly ads, partnerships, and affiliates. The primary goal is to create some kind of value with content so that I can put a monetary value to it sometime in the future.

Which Influencers and Thought Leaders You Look up to When It Comes to Blogging

I like Garry Vee, Jay Shetty, and Superwoman for their content and consistency. I love James Altucher for his writing style. Not sure if they fall into the thought leaders space but they come to my mind.

As for blogging, I’ve been following Darren Rowse, Syed Balkhi, and Copy Blogger (Brian Clark) for the longest time.

Which Are Your Favorite Blogs Which You Review on a Daily Basis

Whichever I can get my hands on every day. Usually, I’d be Googling something and would come across a new website/blog with something new. I’d get stuck there figuring out how they did what they did.

I like harsh Agrawal and Labnol for their work from the Indian blogosphere.

What Do You Say as Your Great Achievement in your Online Journey

Freedom. Not having to sit glued to your seat in boring cubicles for long. Not having to depend on someone else and being able to make your own choices.

Being challenged every day to do more, learn more and stay relevant on your own.

A passion project of mine has taken off well beyond my expectations and helped a lot of NRIs to plan their return journey to India. I’m happy about how that turned out to be.

Secret Question: How Much Do You Make Every Month Through Blogging

For perspective, let’s just say, thrice my US salary. 🙂

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