The Ultimate Guide to Manage Have Multiple Blogs Like A Pro

Although It is proven that most of successful bloggers run multiple blogs and earn in multiple digits as well. Those who love writing can be away from being famous through his creations at multiple places.
It in fact very easy to create a blog or keep multiple blogs but the uphill task is to keep updating them for engagement of readers. Google too will not love you when you stop updating it regularly and you rankings may be hit at worse. In the context of that, I will share mine as well as others experience and methods to manage multiple blogs efficiently.

1. Make A Schedule

This is not new to any human being in this world. It has been proved that no man can achieve success in any field until he plans and schedule work accordingly. Successful people in every corner in this world follow this same rule and this is as applicable as Newton’s Laws to every one who wants to be successful.  Now Lets see what a blogger can do at this point.
The best way to scheduling is to have an Editorial calendar either on your notice board or installed onto your blog. Editorial calendar is gives you clear sight how you can schedule you blogs posts as per days in week.
See the video below How to use editorial calendar.

2. Divide Weekdays Among Your Blogs

This is probably the prime step you need to take to manage blogs in regular way. You can write a chart paper or table allotting weekdays to your blogs as per need or priority. If you have more that 6 or 7 blogs, create a fortnight table or a monthly table  depending upon the no of blogs you have. But it is really not possible to manage more than 3-4 blogs without a factor discussed below.

3. Create A Great Team

No work can be taken to a successful end without a great team. It is surely a factor you should work upon from start. It is almost nothing less than foolishness to dream something big without a great team. There are many ways to find out people who can be your team member permanently. Here are those places-

  1. Freelancing websites
  2. Content writing Websites
  3. Writer Friends
  4. Hire a Employee as a writer
  5. Contentmart

4. Write Down Ideas

When you are in mid of any process and you get any new idea about it, write down it then & there. To maintain it, you can have a personal diary or notebook. This will help you to get new blog topics each time you want to write a blog post. Just refer your diary and have a glance what you thought at previous session of that blog.
This will prevent you from being confused at time you wish to write an article. This will also keep you energetic and enthusiastic about your passion.
Here is The Guide- Best Tools to capture your ideas

5. Invite Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is the best way to get high quality content for FREE. You can invite guest bloggers and other reputed bloggers to write for you. This will enhance your stand & reputation in community of bloggers and fetch your more ideas. Moreover you will learn some techniques from them which they adopted and made a place for them in blogging world. But this is not a permanent and constructive solution to your professional blogging. This help us to get attention of readers through best creations by some reputed writers only.
Here is Harsh Agrawal’s guide to Invite Guests to blog for you

6. Outsource Your Projects

You can outsource you blog or any project related to your blog through outsourcing agencies like Odesk. This could be a great or bad idea depending upon your needs and money you spend on your project and nature/scope of topic. The problem faced mostly is to explain your view to writer and it is unknown to you that how efficiently he writes. It is also hard to make him understand the local influence of a particular place and factors affecting user’s engagement like language, illustrations, currencies etc.

7. Take a Regular Pause

You are neither a robotic machine nor superman. One ordinary and healthy person needs a rest out of his work schedule to keep himself energetic. Plan your weekends with your loved ones to remain cool and motivated. This is also key to your efficiency at work. A disturbed mind can not create lovely things.
I have tried to explore best as I do to keep my Blogs updated. If You have anything else, please share it in comments.

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