15 Ways to Earn Money Online Jobs without Investment in Pakistan

In this post, I’m about to cover the best ways to make money online without any investment. I will only list those ways or sites which are legitimate to make money from home.
With these methods, you can earn a ton of money without any investments. Now, I don’t say that these methods are easy but if you’re hardworking than there is no problem for you.
Note: To receive money from these methods you must have these accounts (Paypal, Bank account, Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and Webmoney) But some methods will send you Checks to your home address but only if you have reached the minimum payout threshold.
I’ll be listing Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online, choose the one that looks easy to you.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan Without Investment

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular home based job, from here you can earn a full-time income, depends on how many products you promote.
All you have to do is just choose any product you like, for example {Mobile, Health products or any kind of product}
Once you selected the product now you can promote the product anywhere on the Internet such as Facebook, YouTube or any other social platform but if you have your own website or blog then it will be a plus.
If some one’s buy the product from your promoted link, you will get the commission. Now commission rates depend on the type of product you select.
There are many sites where you can get affiliate products.
Here is a list of Best affiliate programs from where you can start your affiliate journey.

2. YouTube

YouTube is getting popular day by day, TV channels got ruined. YouTube get daily visitors of Billions of Billion, difficult to mention here.
Teenagers and even kids are earning from YouTube, and You can too! but how?
You just have to sign-in to YouTube account with your existing Google account and create a YouTube channel with the appropriate name or brand.
Once you created account start uploading your own videos in which you think you’re good at.
For example, You can be good at Gaming on Ps4 or can be good reaction maker or a chef at home or a Gym trainer.
Just upload your talent people are waiting for you, At first, you will face some difficulties but trust me you can make “Millions of Dollars” Just keep this word in your mind and start working.

But How I Will Make Money On YouTube?

You will make money with your videos views. 1 million views equal 3k Dollars depend on your visitors country. To make money on YouTube you will have an option on your YouTube channel [Ad Monetizing] Just turn it on.
And then you will see the money flowing in your AdSense Account.
How Much Money I will Make with 1 Million views:
It depends on RPM and CPC of AdSense ad If you get RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) of 1 Dollar than you will make 1000$ per million views,
On the other hand, if you get CPC (cost per click) of 1 Dollar and you get 100k clicks on your video ad, you will make around 1 lake dollar.

  • Dailymotion

3. Website or a Blog

Creating a Website or a Blog is one of my favorite and effective ways to make money and also it’s a passive way to make money online.
How I will Make Money On My Blog or a Website?
You can sell products from your blog with Affiliate programs or you can monetize your blog with the best ad networks (which is the easiest way to make money from your blog) or you can get a sponsor for your blog.
How much I can earn From a Website or a Blog?
You can make a huge amount of income from your website, depends on your daily visitors, (More visitors= More Money). Peoples on average earn around $3 to 6k per month.
The highest paid blogger (The Huffington Post) earns $6,330,000 per month. Now just imagine…
How To Get Free Traffic To Website?
There multiple free traffic sources to get visitors to your website but If you’re really serious about blogging than must know what is SEO with SEO you will get daily consistent traffic. 

But How To Make a Free Blog?
You can make a free blog with Blogger platform or from WordPress, these two blogs making platforms are amazing and easy to use.
Note: Difference between Blog and a Website?
A blog is something which provides information, on the other hand, a website provides services.

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4. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best ways to make money online because it’s freelancing site where clients publish a ton of jobs each day.
All you have to do is just make an attractive profile with the right skills you got and start sending the proposals to clients.
Helpful Tip: If you want to impress your Client than I highly recommend you to completeTest Exams in your personal based skills.
(For example, you want to complete an exam in HTML5, you have to search HTML5 on Test section and you will get the 40 minutes test which contains 40 question, 1 question equals 1 minute)
Once you completed your test, you will get a result and this result will be shown to your
How Much Upwork Pays?
Now it depends on the project or job you applied for, some projects will pay you thousands of Dollars and some will pay you a penny of Dollars on the completion.
Upwork Alternatives:
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is also a great place for the freelancers, those who are looking for a side-income. Thousands of projects have completed every day.
I love one thing in fiverr is that there is no money bidding or pay for hourly rates, all you got is 5 Dollar for each project you finish, You cannot bid higher than 5 Dollar but if the client loves your work he will pay you more.
So, create an advertisement for free on fiverr about your talent or skill. To get paid from the clients you have to complete the given project and after that, you will get paid.
How Much Money I Can Make From Fiverr?
It depends on your skill if your skill is more valuable than others than you will be getting hired by most of the clients (which means more money).

6. Transcription

Now Transcribing jobs are very easy for native English speakers and a little bit difficult for basic English speakers but basic speakers can do General Transcription which is mostly easy to do.
What is Transcribing or Transcription?
Ans: Transcribing or Transcription is a process in which you have to hear an audio file of two humans and write it down in a text format with the correct Grammar.
Isn’t that easy? just listen with open ears and write down the text.
How much Transcription Jobs pays:
Now it depends on the level you select in transcription.
There are three types of Transcriptions:
  • General Transcription – pays around 25 Dollar an Hour.
  • Medical Transcription – pays around 50 Dollar an Hour.
  • Law Transcription – pays around 60 Dollar an Hour.
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Here is a list of Best Transcription jobs online, these sites will give you a starting test, if you get passed on it, you will get the Transcription job.

7. Sell With E-Commerce Site

Selling your own products with the E-commerce site is a good plan, because if you list any of your product on E-commerce site it may get sold within a week.
You can sell products on Amazon or eBay but just look for the best E-commerce site in your region.
Helpful Business Tip: Just buy a bunch of products from merchants with cheap price and then list it on the E-commerce site with a profitable price.
Or just directly make a contract with merchants to help them sell their products and indeed you will get the commission.

8. Sponsored Post

Posting sponsored contents on your social media or on your website pays you a huge amount of money.
You just need to have the more social accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Or a cool Website.
You will get sponsored posts every day and if you post it on your property you will get paid.
There are too many networks out there where you can get sponsorship.
Izea is one of the most popular networks for sponsored content. I’ll be making a list of these networks soon, please be updated with this post.
Helpful Tip: If you’re really interested in getting sponsored then just start building your social profiles or a website.
In my view, Websites make more money.

9. Giving Feedback’s

Giving feedback to the client about their website or apps will pay you 10 to 20$ for each feedback you give.
This is not a full-time income opportunity but it can be a side income or we can say part-time.
This can be done on your smartphone also.
To start earning from here you just have to complete a short test, if you get passed in it than you will be provided with 3 to 5 tasks each day.
Best Websites are:

How much these sites pay?
Usually around 10 to 30 Dollar for each feedback you provide to the client.
Note: You will be using your own voice for the feedback and you must put the headphone in your ears.

10. Online Survey

Completing surveys online can help you make a side income and also it’s an easy task. All you have to do is choose the opinion which applies to you (It’s a kind of Choose the Correct Answer).
Just you have to tell the truth by giving your opinions to the merchant by giving surveys. So they can improve their product.
I still remember my first online payment of $10 is from Surveyonthego, which is an Android app.
How Much Survey Pays?
It depends on the length of the survey:

  • Short Survey pays, 1 to 2 Dollar
  • Longer Survey Pays, 5 to 10 Dollar

Helpful Tip: If you get a survey on a movie, just tell the truth “How you like the movies” don’t just tick the opinion with the blind eyes.

Websites that offer Survey

There are a lot more sites which offer surveys opportunities. You can also make money with your Android phone with these apps and sites.

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11. Call Center Online

Call Center agent can be a full time or a part-time job from home, you can really earn a decent amount of money from here.
You just a have to listen to some calls from people and resolving their issues depends on the company you work for.
You just need a Computer and headphone for this and also must be able to speak English.
How much Call Center Job Pays?
It pays around 15 to 20 Dollar an Hour which is quite a good amount.
The website that hires are:

There are too many sites for this kind of opportunity.

12. Micro-Jobs

These small micro-based jobs are so easy to complete, I have been using it for a while.
I just left this Website because of my payment was not verified through the pin. So I left it but this is also a legitimate way of making money online.
People are earning thousands of Dollar working on these type of sites.
There are hundreds of task publishes in a day.
Websites that provide Micro Jobs are:

This jobs will help to make you a good side income.

13. Captcha Typing

Captcha typing doesn’t pay you a good amount of money but it can help you to earn some Dollars and also it depends on your hard work.
How Much Captcha Typing pays?
It pays around 0.80 to 1 Dollar for one thousand captchas’s typed. The pay rate increases and decreases in a day, so choose a time when the rate is increased.
Websites For Doing Captcha Typing:

If you’re interested in typing jobs than check out this list of best data entry jobs online.

14. Ad Viewing

Viewing advertisement is also a great way to earn few Dollars, you just have to click on advertisements and wait 10 seconds to earn money.
As you can see in the photo how much people are earning from the last 48 hours.
How Much You can Earn from Here?
On average, you can up to 5 Dollar a day, working half an hour.
The website that provides Ad Services:

Just sign-up on these sites and start earning…


Finally, it’s time to wrap up, If you really want to make money online then I recommend you to choose one or two methods in which you think, you can make money.
So, after all, these are the legitimate ways to make money online from home. Whether you want to be a part-timer or a full-timer it depends on you.
And also this method doesn’t want you to pay any money to start the job.
If you want to know how I make $$$ Dollars each month online from home, sitting on my bed, if yes, then subscribe to my newsletter so I can send you a full guide on money-making.

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