Link Building Strategies: The Complete List

What Are Backlinks and Why Your Site Needs Them

Before I can cover link building strategies, I need first to cover what a backlink is.
Backlinks are incoming links from other websites or portals that link to your site.
If someone with a blog or website posts a link to your site, then that’s a “backlink.” A high number of quality backlinks correlates to better search rankings on Google.
There are several different categories of backlinks. Some of these will be helpful in your bid to increase traffic, while others can hurt your rankings as well as your traffic.
What those types of links are I’ll go over one a time throughout the rest of this guide.

What Is Trust Flow?

One of the first things you’ll need to do when you first learn link building strategies is to discover the difference between a  good backlink opportunity and a poor one. Otherwise, the links you build could just as easily hurt your rankings as help them.
One of the tools I use for that job is Majestic. Using Majestic, I can check the strength of a given domain to see if it is a worthwhile site to target for a link.
The two metrics I pay attention to the most are what they call Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Both range from 0 – 100 scores. The higher the score, the stronger the backlink material.
When building links, you want to get your links placed on sites with high Trust Flow and Citation Flow score as possible.
Link building is considered as Search Engine Optimization technique and it is one of the most Important factors to improve search engine rankings. If your blog has good number of quality backlinks. Those links were helpful to increase your Blog Traffic. Today we are going to show some advanced link building techniques for niche sites. These are really best link building strategies which you could use to build quality backlinks for your blog or website to increase domain authority in short time. These methods are preferred by Professionals and the Top blogger. It is also important to be familiar that link building includes both on page and off page linking.
Here are some link building tips you can use it right now to Boost your Blog SERP.

Internal Linking Strategy

Internal link building technique is one of the most overlooked. This link building strategy is well connected to reduce the bounce rate. This could catch when spiders in the search engine look for content that is exact to the available topic. Internal linking also promotes healthy link balance flow throughout a site.

Article Directory Submission

This is one of the most popular ways to get good amount of quality backlinks as well as huge traffic. You need to submit your published articles on popular article directories to get backlinks. This way is being utilized by many professional bloggers out there. This is the best way of building links for your blog. We have shared a short list of famous article directories which could be used to submit articles.

Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 is another most important way of link building which most of the SEO specialists are using to rank any special keyword or their blog. This could be a quick way to generate good amount of links for your blog. You create a web 2.0 website and then start sharing articles on it regularly, by using this way you can get healthy links. It will certainly help in serp. Don’t post too many articles in a single day and Try to make backlinks within a limit. Don’t insert too many links in single posts overdoing same things will harm your SEO. Here we have shared a brief list of web 2.0 sites which you use to get backlinks.

Forum Submission

This is an old strategy of Link building as well to grab some targeted traffic. You need to publish useful content in the High PR Forum according to your niche. You can easily add your blog’s URL in signature of yours. So I’m going to share Top High PR Dofollow Forum Site List and you will find here almost all forums are active and easy to get backlinks.

Blog Commenting

Commenting is one of the best ways to create interaction between blogger and link building. Blog Commenting is a very easy method to increase the serp of your website or Blog. In this method you just write your informative comment on the blogs which are relevant to your own niche website. See commenting sites list and make quality backlink to get traffic and Domain authority.

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