10 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

1 Don’t take everything so seriously

In the past I didn’t even realise I was a serious person. I knew I was sensible, rational, logical and thorough but not serious or negative. I totally understand Facebook is a highlight reel but seeing all the positivity (I’ve set up my feed this way – with motivational pages) I came to realise just how seriously I took most things.

Most issues are storms in a tea cup, most aren’t important and most will be forgotten in a week or two tops.

2 Be more light hearted

Seeing funny and positive posts from friends and other bloggers has taught me the importance of humour. I’m doing my best to inject more humour into my life, particular in approaching others and the benefits are incredible. 

3 Be more positive

Wingey Facebook posts annoy me, made me realise that winging about things in real life must be similar for others. 

4 Things come and things go

Nobody will care in a couple of hours, they will have moved into the next thing on their Facebook feed and in life.

5 If you wouldn’t say it online, don’t say it in real life and versa versa

Nothing more needed to say here…

6 Every community is important

Face-to-face communities and online communities. My oodle community has helped in times when real life friends were hard to come by, I always felt like I had my people around me even when we’d just moved to a new country.  Given we’ve moved to 3 new countries in 6 years the MyOodle community has come in handy.

7 Blogging has improved my writing

I’m no writer and I’m still no journalist but I’d like to think i’m getting better.  The more I write the better I get, the more tips I read the more I learn.

8 It feels even better than I thought to help people with useful information

When I started my blog I wanted to help new dog owners with their puppies as I was helped in the beginning, I wanted to pay it forward and boy doesn’t it feel good.  The positive feedback I get is amazing and my followers are so nice and always hugely thankful.

9 Having an outlet is important and I didn’t even know it

It’s important for me at least to have outlet, somewhere to share a story, some advice, or just a cute photo.  Even though my outlet isn’t a personal diary it has the benefit of being just as therapeutic.  I’ve not written that many personal blog posts, the ones I have written have been well received. People want to feel a connection

10 A picture truly says a thousand words

My Facebook page is filled with the cutest photos ever of Poodle Mix Dogs. If I post a cute photo, there is little need to write much else because my followers will like the photo just cause the dog in the photo is so darn cute.  When I started out I used to brand all images with my logo and cute graphics and while I’d still like to do this I’ve found, con-tray to most blogging advice, that unedited real looking, not fancied up photos get more engagement on my Facebook page. While I prefer the fancy ones, listening to my audience has saved me hundreds of hours in the past 2 years.

A few extra lessons learnt:

Flexibility is the key

I’m an organised person, blogging has shown me even the best laid plans need flexibility and sometimes the final outcome is even better.

Be genuine & stay true to yourself – people will see it

Have a blog topic you’re passionate about and be passionate.

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