10 Best Sites for Last-Minute Travel Deals

We are always in a hurry, and no matter how hard we try, we still lack behind something or the other. Even if we are up to date with all our chores, our mental or physical health takes a toll, and hence it is mandatory to take regular breaks. It will help you work more efficiently.

If you are looking for last-minute travel deals, we have compiled a list of the top 10 sites for last-minute travel deals. Now, it is possible to take a break and make the most out of the time and money you have.

1.   Last minute travel

The site provides special offers for its members, like great deals with hotel bookings, etc. You also earn points if you use the site for last-minute travel deals, and the points can be used for future benefits. 

  •   Last-minute travel can also make your traveling adventurous if you choose to go with their “undercover feature”
  •    The feature keeps the hotel’s specifications hidden as long as you don’t finalize your bookings.
  •     This feature lets you get additional discounts that reach up to 65% off. 
  • You can still have basic knowledge regarding your hotel’s location and ratings under this feature.

2. Priceline

For someone who loves everything to be done according to themselves, Priceline is the best site for last-minute travel deals. It allows you to customize the entire travel plan right from your travel to your hotel bookings. But you will have to pay a little extra charge for each customization. Also, if you go with the package that they offered, you can get up to 60% off on your hotel bookings. 

  • Priceline also provides maps so that you can get an idea of where your accommodation will be for the next few days. 
  •   Not just this, a single tap on the location will also display the details like hotel rankings, reviews, etc.

3.  Travelocity

A site that allows you to get your bookings of everything you need. You can go on by booking a flight, a cab, and even a hotel. If you book more than one item from the site, you get additional discounts. Hence, it’s a site where the entire trip can be planned, and you do not have to visit different websites unnecessarily.

  •  As soon as you register on the site, it welcomes you with a welcome offer of 10% off on hotel bookings.
  •   The prices are so realistic that if you get the same hotels or cabs in some other site at a lower cost, Travelocity repays the variation.

4. Groupon Getaways

There are many other deals available at Groupon other than last-minute travel plans, which leads a lot of customers to question the travel deals that Groupon offers. But the last-minute travel deals that Groupon offers are entirely managed by travel agencies and therefore are well planned. 

  •  Groupon Getaways does not allow you to customize any of the travel plans. You will have to stick to what the site offers. 
  •  Hence, it is the best site for individuals who are traveling for the first time and have zero experience in travel planning.

5. Travelzoo

Travelzoo gathers information about various travel plans from various sites and puts them on a single platform. You can not make your bookings directly from Travelzoo, but it connects you with other websites through a direct link. There are separate pages available for deals that are updated weekly so that you are only provided with the best offers. 

  •  All the deals that Travelzoo offers are well-tested and verified by the team members of the site. 
  •  There are also 100% refundable deals available in Travelzoo.

6. Orbitz 

Orbitz is among the “one platform” booking sites. You will find deals with a complete package of bookings. Orbitz provides you with detailed information regarding the various hotels.

  •  Orbitz also welcomes its members with rewards as soon as they register on the site.  
  •  There are special points called “orbucks” that you can get access to and spend to enjoy your hotel’s offers.

7.  Expedia

Expedia is not just a website but also an app. You can choose the most suitable plan for yourself from alternatives that come up as soon as you enter the details, like your destinations and the place from where you are leaving. Expedia is another such app that has rewarding offers for its users. 

  •   You can quickly multiply your points by using Expedia’s mobile app. 
  •  These points can be used for availing of extra offers.

8.  Google Flights

A simple and direct option to search for your last-minute travel deals. It provides a map that displays various prices related to respective hotels, cabs, and flights. Google Flights is most suitable for those users who just love to travel regardless of the destination. But even if you have a destination planned for yourself, you can still rely on Google Flights to compare the prices of various accommodations in your destination location.

  •  Google Flights does not allow you to make your bookings through them. They instead lead you to the sites that you can visit for your bookings.

9. Hotwire

If you love to travel but also make sure that you do not spend unnecessary amounts while traveling. Then Hotwire has to be your go-to place. Hotwire provides booking of flights, cabs, stays, etc, at a reasonable price, and they are worth the money that you pay. Hotwire is also available as a mobile application that has additional offers for you to enjoy. 

  • Hotwire offers you a package and does not even disclose the name of the hotel. 
  •  You can always select a rating range under which the hotel will be booked for you.

10.  Airfare Watchdog 

Users that do not have a fixed travel date can visit Airfare Watchdog for some amazing last-minute travel deals. The website has a sincere team that searches for various flight deals, and you can select from the many options provided by them as per your choice.  

  • Airfare not only provides you with last-minute travel deals but also keeps on comparing the varying prices of flights, hotels, cars, etc.
  •   It also keeps on updating you regarding the changing prices via email so that you can book your essentials at the most convenient price.


1. Where is the best place to find last-minute deals?

Here are a few websites with the best last-minute travel deals-

  • Kayak
  • Travelocity 
  • Groupon Getaways
  • Last minute travel
  • Priceline, and more. 

2. Which is the travel site for the best deals?

If you are looking for travel sites with the best deals, you will love these platforms-

  • Tripadvisor
  • Expedia
  • Hotwire
  • Orbitz 

3. What app has the best last-minute hotel deals?

These apps have the best last-minute hotel deals-

  • Priceline
  • Hotwire
  • Hotel Tonight
  • Snaptravel 
  • Expedia 

4. What is the most trusted travel site?

Some of the most trusted travel sites include Expedia, Priceline, last-minute deals, and more.

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