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In today’s interview, We have Kulwant Nagi is someone who is very successful in blogging. Kulwant Nagi is one of the best affiliate marketer, he is the guy behind bloggingcage.com. On Blogging Cage Kulwant covers topics related to Digital Marketing starting from various blogging tips and tricks for newbies. So without wasting any further time let’s start.

1. Please Tell Us About Yourself and How You Got into Blogging

Hello Everyone. I am Kulwant Nagi, a small-town guy with big dreams. I have done Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from ITM Gurgaon in 2010.
I always had the big dreams to do something better than others. That was the biggest reason that I opted VLSI my career in 2008 and prepared for the GRE and TOEFL examination in 2009. I got admission from 6 universities in the USA where Rochester Institute of Technology offered me $16,000 scholarship. I was happy.
Soon I came to know that my father didn’t have the money to afford my education fee in the USA so I had to drop my plan and started my first job in December 2010.
My dreams were always pushing me to fly high so this job couldn’t bind me for more than 6 months. I signed my resign letter in June 2011 and started doing online research to start something new.
Soon I stumbled across this word “blogging” and started my first blog in September 2011. My first blog was www.KulwantNagi.com, but soon I bought BloggingCage.com in January 2012 and never looked back after that.

2. Please Share the Journey of Afflospark

AffloSpark is an initiative to solve the blogging and marketing problems in society.
I got the idea to register a company in 2016. So I started doing the online research, consulted few CAs and then finally registered it in July 2017. Later we did the trademark for the logo and name as well.
Finding the name was very challenging.
I might have spent more than a month and tried 100 names of the company.
I wanted something which should be so energetic, promising, creative and full of abundance.
So after spending so many days, one day I got the name AFFLO.
Afflo is a Latin word which means ambition, success, and inspiration.
Now we wanted the second word which could carry the same weight as this word has. So the word SPARK clicked in our mind.
Spark means Ignite.
So AffloSpark is igniting the ambition, success, and inspiration.
We have registered the same company with name AffloSpark LLC in Newark, Delaware, USA in July 2018 and we are international now. 🙂
We have recently launched our content writing service on 22nd March 2019. This business alone is doing more than $10,000 per month now.

3. What Kind of Promotion Activities You Use for Blogging Cage

One activity which I love the most is – Facebook promotion.
We write articles which are more than 3000 words. Once the article goes live, we share them on our official Facebook page and booster it after 2-3 days after getting a few organic likes and comments.
We have a very active Facebook group having 23,000+ members so we share our articles in our group.

4. What Would You Advice Someone Who Wants to Make Money as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is something which will take a lot of time to become a master of it.
People want to become affiliate marketer from day one without learning the basics. You cannot become an affiliate marketer if you don’t know how to write well, how to write convincing post titles, how to do the copywriting, and how to do the keyword research.
First of all, you’ll have to learn the basics.
Spend some time, read good blogs, read affiliate case studies and soon you’ll be a great affiliate marketer.

5. What’s Your SEO Tip to Stay on Top

  1. Keep adding more information and LSI keywords in the article and keep making backlinks for it.
  2. Interlinking is important. Keep interlinking your money articles with relevant Anchor texts in different articles.
  3. Link building is very crucial to stay at the top. Kepe hunting for the right link building opportunities.

6. What’s Your Secret to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Your mindset is everything.
From the the day ONE I considered blogging as a full-time business. It was never a hobby for me.
I started my blogging career with WordPress, bought premium hosting, premium themes and plugins to outperform the hobbiest.
My success formula is – Investment.
The day you start considering your blogging as a business and make right investment in themes, plugins, hosting, and graphics, you’ll grow.

7. What Strategies Do You Use to Monetize Your Blog Traffic

Right now most of my income come from Affiliate Marketing. I have written many reviews at my blog for different products.
People find those blog posts from Google searches and they buy the products.
I have my free 7 days blogging training, where I teach people how can they start their blogging career with ease. As soon as someone sign up for this free training, I start sending them 7 training emails and further many other informational emails. Once they are my loyal readers, I can promote any affiliate product in emails and make money easily.

8. Which Influencers and Thought Leaders You Look up to When It Comes to Blogging

Neil Patel is the blogger I appreciate the most.
His marketing strategies, content quality, speaking skills and presentations skills are awesome.
He is the blogger everyone should follow if you really want to succeed in blogging.

9. Please Recommend 5 Best Plugins You Would Suggest to Our Bloggers and Why

Pretty Link – Pretty link is an awesome plugin to make your affiliate links look awesome. It helps to make all the affiliate links NoFollow.
Elementor – One of the best page builder I have ever seen. We recently moved BloggingCage to Elementor and we are very happy.
Thrive Leads – I am using this plugin from last 3-4 years. This is the best plugin for the lead generation form your blog.
Rank Math – RankMath is a swiss army knife of your blog’s SEO. It’s much better than Yoast SEO and any other SEO plugin out there.
Easy Table of Contents – Do you want to rank your blog posts in featured snippets? Use this plugin and see the magic.

10. Which Are Your Favorite Blogs Which You Review on a Daily Basis

I don’t read blogs on the daily basis. I love putting my queries in Pinterest (rather than Google) and I read the blogs from there.

11. What Do You Say as Your Great Achievement in your Online Journey

Speaking at an international speaker where Neil Patel was one of the speakers.
At that conference, I made such an awesome connections with Neil by spending time with him that later I converted him as my client. 🙂
I have spoken at India affiliate summit, Indian affiliate conference, BlogX and many other conference in India so far.
I have fulfilled my dream of travel by travelling 21 countries till now.

12. What’s Your Favorite Social Network – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter

Facebook is my most favorite because it gives me freedom to understand my audience so that I can target them in my Ads in a better way.

13. Secret Question: How Much Do You Make Every Month Through Blogging

I won’t disclose the exact figures, but yeah, it’s 5-fgured USD per month now.
So this was the nice talk with Kulwant Nagi of Blogging Cage. I hope his thought concern with Blogging will inspire you towards Blogging in future. And Thank you Kulwant for taking your valuable time and sharing some awesome and profitable tips and ideas from your own experiences.

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