Top 10 Keyword Suggestion Tools to Increase Your Ranking

When we talk about keywords we actually don’t know what are those. What I think about these that they are the most difficult part of SEO (Search engine optimization).
Yes, basically these are the most important words which we should know about.
Most of us are talking or thinking about the UI, or large amount of page content, optimizations… yea! I’m not saying these are not so important but what your main focus should be on keywords.
When you go onto google and you search out for best keyword suggestion tools for SEO there will be a lot of results which might be confusing also.
There are a lot of tools for checking out what should be the right keyword to use, Most of them are quite confusing enough but some of them are also easy to use.
Well i just wanted to say that if you are reading me than you don’t have to go anywhere in search for keyword tools.
If you are a beginner i should say you have to work hard on these and get to know which keyword is best for you.
Today i’m going to show you some Best keyword suggestion tools for SEO which are the best on internet, Isn’t it cool what you need we provide you in just a single article :p well! thanks for appreciation even if you didn’t do that haha

Best keyword suggestion tools for SEO

Before i start I wanted to tell you that from all the tools some could be free or some could be paid, So according to your need you have to decide which tool you want to use.

1. Google Keyword Planner tool

Advantage: The biggest and the coolest feature of this tool is a lot of information regarding every keyword on the internet as it is powered by google (biggest search engine).
Drawback: Somehow advantage could also become a drawback for those who are beginners, It won’t compare keywords for you with other search engines also.
Cost: Totally free to use.
In free tools this is the best keyword suggestion tool on the internet.

2. LongTailPro

Advantage: A very detailed keyword analysis feature, A competition checker feature which can make easier for you to pick the right keyword for your content.
Cost: Around $47/ month pricing. You should check plans here
This tool is basically a cloud-based software for keyword suggestion and also one the best keyword suggestion tool for SEO on the internet and also in our list.

3. SemRush (Recommended)

Advantage: Get in-depth traffic statistics, Get search engine reports, CPC for Adsense,  and also many more.
Cost: Starts with $99/Month, quite heavy right? but its the most highly recommended one also.
This is not basically a typical keyword suggestion tool, Unlike other ones here you need to just add the url and it will show you some great results regarding that website.

4. Word Tracker

Advantage: A link builder tool which will help you in building up links and also this feature is not available in any other tool, A strategy builder, keyword tool.
Drawbacks: less results information provider.
Cost: around $69/month with a free trial of 30 days.
Word Tracker is basically used by those who could be i should say beginners or small business, it builds up a very good SEO platform.

5. SECockPit

Advantage: Keyword research module, pdf reports, SEO tasks, keyword Ideas for(Google, amazon, and youtube).
Drawback: Some of users say its having difficult UI, takes a little bit of time to know it.
Cost: Around $40/month with 30 days free trial.
This tool is the best solution those who are having multi-site having multiple accounts like for google, amazon, and youtube and also a one time purchase SEO tool.
That’s all in my list well it’s up to you now which one you want to choose and go for. but let me tell don’t stick with one and also don’t stick with all of them :p, they all have their own benefits.
I would recommend Go for SemRush, according to users its the best one and yet and easy solution for all kinds of websites also.
Whatever you use or whatever you are using right, I would like to know more about your views please let me know in the comment section.
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