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Katie Dalebout is a writer, host, and wellness cheerleader. In 2013 she started the then wellness focused podcast Let It Out. Now with an over 220 episode archive Let It Out has molded into a modern long-form interview show covering everything from wellness & spirituality to creativity & relationships. She loves podcasting so much in 2018 she launched Let [a podcast] Out, a digital workshop to help people DIY podcast. She’s also the author of the Amazon best-selling book Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling (Hay House, 2016) and sometimes she writes about her feelings elsewhere on the internet including her Let It Out Letter. Katie, her feelings, and all of her plants live together in Manhattan.

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself
Yes I’m a person living in New York City. I’ve hosted a podcast since 2013 where I have very long conversations with people and record them, it’s called Let It Out. In 2016 I published my first book called Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling which is a collection of 55 journaling prompts and exercises to help people feel feelings, get organized, gain clarity, and more.
How did you start journaling and when did it become more than notebooks and a pen
I never grew up journaling but in college I was in therapy for the first time and reading a lot of self-help and eventually thought I needed to know who I was and what I thought before I just took the advice of other people on what worked for them so I started writing in my journal and found it cathartic and a tool for self awareness.
When you started your book adventure, what were the biggest obstacles and how did you overcome them
I’d never written a book before so I had no clue the process. It was also such a huge undertaking and large document of words that each time I sat down to work on it I had to remember where I was and what I’d written before to return to it.
The biggest obstacle was staying organized and on track with deadlines while maintaining my full time job and my weekly podcast throughout. It taught me to be organized and productive and what times of day I was best at working.
Can you share your favourite notebook tools? Where do you buy them? Do you like to write in a favourite colour
I love beautiful journals from Shinola or Anthropologie but honestly I love using simple tools like a legal pad. When my journal that I’m writing in isn’t beautiful and precious I’m more comfortable being fully authentic to however I’m feeling that day without trying to write something that is as beautiful as the journal itself.
I can feel free to be negative if I need to be, cross out, and be raw with my feelings.
Where else can we find your tips on letting it out
My book is called Let It Out which is a great place.
Also, my weekly podcast which is also called let it out and on my instagram which is @katiedalebout
What other books do you recommend to people who are in need of evacuating stress
I love the book “Real Happiness” by Sharon Salzburg and “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.

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