An Interview with Karan Shah Founder & CEO of IIDE

Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Karan has been part of the Internet Industry since 2011. He has been a serial entrepreneur for last 10 years and is currently a Co-founder & CEO of IIDE, India’s leading Digital Marketing education company. Karan is one of the most sought after international speakers on Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Hi Karan, Please Introduce Yourself to our Readers?

Hi, I am the founder and CEO of the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE). I have been in the education sector for more than 8 years now and have taught more than 20,000+ students, both offline and online. 
I am a TEDx speaker and contributor to various publications like Entrepreneur India, Education Times, Hindustan Times, The Free Press Journal and many more. I am the Visiting Faculty at institutes like Indian Business School, NMIMS University, Hyderabad, and IIM Kashipur where I teach Digital Marketing to CxO level business executives. 

How exactly IIDE happened and what is the story behind that?

IIDE was established to cater to the need for digitally skilled resources in India. All businesses in India are moving towards the Digital Space for effective business. This has, in turn, led to an increase in demand for digitally skilled resources. The current Indian Education system is inadequate in fulfilling this demand and is not able to cater to the needs of new businesses. IIDE is catering to this industry requirement and creating future digital entrepreneurs.
Our journey began in 2016 with the objective of imparting digital education to the country’s youth. In the beginning, we had just 8 students. Since then we have expanded our reach. We now have four centres across Mumbai- in Andheri, Mulund, Churchgate and Vashi. Additionally, we have also started teaching Programming and Design courses in order to impart more Digital Skills to our students.

What’s the future of digital marketing? Do you expect any new trends in the digital marketing world?

In today’s digital scenario, any business that wants to maintain an edge over its competition has to work on integrating newer technologies within its already existing workflows. Every organisation will now have to ensure that it has Digitally Skilled people who can help it in its digital transformation. This means the future demand for Digital Marketers is going to be really high.
Also, newer technologies will come up. Digital Marketing for voice assistants will be a major field. AR- VR  technologies are also going to become popular. Digital Marketers who can work with these technologies will be in high-demand as well.

What are some of the major challenges all digital marketers face?

Digital Marketing is a field that is constantly changing. Newer platforms keep coming in, search engines keep changing their algorithms, people change the way they consume content. A major challenge that all Digital Marketers face is being updated with all these changes. 

What are the few high demanding skills under Digital marketing, if one wants to get expertise?

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most in-demand skills because every business wants to be in the face of the customer when they are searching for products or services online. Even online advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram is a skill that is in high demand. Along with these, skills to market on social media are also required by the industry. However, there are other skills that are very essential as well- skills like client briefing, the art of pitching, campaign creation and report evaluation. If you want to be a successful Digital Marketer, you need to know all of them.

When someone wants to get a job in Digital Marketing, what are the few high paying positions they can target and how much experience is needed for that?

A fresher in Digital Marketing starts with an average salary of 3-5 lakh per annum. Once you get 2-3 years of experience you can move to higher managerial positions and get good appraisals. But that’s not the best part of it. The best part is that if you have the right skills and you start working hard in the right direction, you can be a billionaire like Neil Patel or Matt Cutts. Yes, Digital Marketing can make you a billionaire too.

What would be your best advice to a beginner who wants to pursue a career in Digital marketing in India after passing out of college? 

You can get:

  1. A 25-year old engineer or a doctor 
  2. A 50-year-old engineer or a doctor

Who will you go to?
Obviously the 50-year olds because you guess that they will have more experience.
However, if you need Digital Marketers, will you go to

  1. A 25-year old Digital Marketer
  2. A 50-year old Digital Marketer

A 25-year old, right?
You will guess that they will be more comfortable with technology and the newer methods of online marketing. 
That is why my advice to a beginner who wants to pursue a career in Digital marketing is to start learning now. You have age on your side.

What measures are taken by your institution to keep following your core values?

Our core value is giving the best Digital Skills to the students. We get industry experts who are actually working in top agencies to come and teach our students. Every week we call these professionals to teach about the niche they are expert in. This ensures that our students always get up to date knowledge.

What’s Your  Favourite Social Network – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter?

Can a Digital Marketer afford to have a favourite? Every social media platform has to be loved and utilised for the right purpose if you want to be a successful Digital Marketer. 

Which Entrepreneur/Person Has Inspired You the Most & Why?

Jack Ma.
In Spite of numerous rejections and trials, he never gave up on what he dreamed of achieving. He went on to become one of the wealthiest and one of the most respected people in the world. He is an inspiration for me.

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