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Blogging in Ireland is fast becoming a very on-trend thing. Whether you’re a blogger yourself or a follower of one, you will see that it is an effective and clever way to find others with similar interests, being part of an online community or picking up some great tips along the way. As we are all about promoting Irish here at The Sharpe, we have selected a variety of Irish blogs that we think you should be following right now!

Live Lavishly: Travel and Lifestyle for Men and Women

Carly Colgan Bates is the young Dublin girl behind this up and coming blog about essentially living life to the max. With both male and female followers under her belt, Carly is versatile in her topics of discussion, including some posts about beauty and well-being also. However, one of her most prominent areas in her blog is travel as she details many of the fascinating places she has visited.
Her New Year’s Resolution for 2017 comes in the form of a travel challenge where she will aim to visit a different place every month and already she is building up a great catalogue for tourists to be! Her latest venture included an impressive account of her trip to Iceland so it will be interesting to see how she manages to top this in her future adventures.
If you want to keep up with Carly and all her travel tips, you can head straight to

Rosemary Mac Cabe: Fashion/Beauty for Women

Kildare native Rosemary Mac Cabe is a freelance journalist who often writes segments for the Irish Times newspaper and has had various fashion and beauty slots as a stylist on TV3’s Xposé along with other TV appearances. Rosemary’s blog specialises mainly in fashion and beauty tips for women but these days she has extended it to discussing topical issues as she reflects on their relevance in her own life.
She is an outspoken but honest blogger who can sometimes battle against the current, when it comes to giving her opinion but love it or hate it, this is definitely an attractive quality of her blog. Over the past 2 years Rosemary’s blog has seen award nominations and she has grown into one of Ireland’s leading digital influencers to date, with followers from across the Atlantic also.
If you want to peruse Rosemary’s tips, visit her website here.

Jus De James: Fashion for Men

Style king James Butler aka James Patrice is the 26 year old Dubliner behind this chic men’s fashion blog. Describing himself as a presenter, actor and writer, James attracts a lot of female followers because of his unique personality and from following his previous ventures as a Snapchat star, garnering over 30,000 views a day. James’ blog has been ongoing for over three years with his intention being to upload his outfit snaps with some commentary for every guy looking for some great tips.
James is currently the Fashion Editor for MFI Magazine and you may recognise him from various TV features such as a style advisor on TV3’s Xpose. His blog is quite casual and when he is not talking about fashion, he does enjoy catching up on The Soaps as well as scarring the bejaysus out of his mother, Fron!
If James’ fashion tips are right up your street, check out Jus De James here.

Ciaran’s Tech Blog: Technology

Irish technology addict and fan boy of android Ciaran Treacy is one blogger who is not to be missed if you are a lover of all things technica. Outside of writing about music apps, the latest smartphones etc., Ciaran is currently Head of CX in CKSK Dublin.
He has worked with some top brands such as Three Mobile and PlayStation Ireland and also some non-corporate clients ranging from Séan Gallagher to Jedward. Ciaran’s blog will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news in the technology world including new releases from tech giants and hit and miss products. He also gives his opinion of products he comes into contact with, what’s to like and not to like.
If Ciaran’s is the digital influencer for you, visit

Nialler 9: Music

Niall Byrne’s multi-award winning music blog, Nialler9, is one of the longest running and most read in Ireland since its launch in 2005. Niall has an impressive CV between contributing music articles for the Irish Times, DJing at some of the top gigs both at home and abroad and he’s also involved in music supervision and licensing for ads, TV, films, etc.
Niall’s blog specialises in trying to give new up and coming Irish artists a boost of recognition and he is always trying to promote Irish (a bit like ourselves really). He creates his own playlists also, which can be found on the blog itself or on the Spotify app and he highlights upcoming news and events to check out in the Irish music scene.
If you want to follow Niall’s recommendations, visit

Natural Born Feeder: Food

Food glorious food! If you are looking for some healthy recipes that won’t break the bank, look no further.  Roz Purcell began her blog in 2013 and since then it has continued to snowball and the recipes have continued to mount. It’s no secret that the 2010 Miss Universe Ireland winner has a passion for cooking and she has frequented various Irish television programmes to show off her skills. These include Come Dine With Me Ireland in 2012, The Restaurant in 2015 and her regular healthy eating slots on Xposé.
Roz likes to write about her adventures abroad on the side but her popular area of discussion is healthy recipes to try. She highlights that she avoids processed foods and her recipes cater for those with all sorts of dietary requirements be it vegan, vegetarian or just someone who is on a new health kick. While Roz’s blog continues to grow, all of her recipes are there since the beginning to check out and it looks delish, especially the desserts!
If you want some recipes for guilt free snacking, visit

Minnie Mélange: Inspiration/Fashion

If there was anyone worthy of being nominated for most inspirational blogger, it would be Sinéad Burke and her Minnie Mélange blog. Sinéad is a PhD candidate, a primary school teacher and a broadcaster who is only 3’5’’ tall. Sinéad’s blog was initially an attempt to show the world that fashion can be for any woman of any shape, size or form and it has always been a passion of hers.
However as her blog expanded, so did her content and Minnie Mélange became a platform to empower women everywhere. She recently participated in a TED Talk in which she talked about this and now has a section on her blog documenting her interviews with influential women both Irish and non-Irish with amazing stories to tell. With her blog continuing to rise, the sky is the limit for Sinéad.
If you want to check out Sinéad’s story, head to
There are so many great Irish bloggers out there deserving of shout outs and here’s hoping that it continues to be a growing trend that will inspire and draw in people for the better. There are no limitations to who can be a blogger so if you have a message or just want to share your musings, why not give it a go?

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