Top 10 Best Public Speakers In India 

Are you in search of dynamic and influential speakers who can captivate your audience at corporate events in India? Look no further! In this article, we present the best speakers for corporate events.

They are known for their remarkable oratory skills, in-depth subject knowledge, and capacity for motivation and inspiration. These speakers are adept at delivering powerful speeches that leave a lasting impact on their listeners. Whether you are organizing a conference, seminar, or team-building workshop, these individuals are the epitome of excellence in delivering compelling talks on a wide range of topics. 

1. Ankur Warikoo

Among the best public speakers for business events is Ankur Warikoo, a well-known personality in the Indian public speaking community. Warikoo, well-known for his motivational and thought-provoking speeches, has a huge following and is well-known for his capacity to captivate and inspire audiences. Warikoo has extensive expertise and experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, and establishing successful enterprises. 

  • He founded Nearbuy, one of India’s top online platforms for local trade.
  • Warikoo has a beautiful talent for fusing personal experiences with useful advice, and he inspires and motivates his audience to pursue their objectives with newfound vigor.  

2. Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh is an Indian YouTuber, corporate trainer, and motivational speaker. He is renowned for his motivational speeches and workshops that help groups and individuals realize their full potential. He talks about issues like overcoming obstacles, leadership, success attitude, and personal development.

  • Simerjeet Singh uses storytelling approaches and an animated, engaging speaking style to make his points well understood. 
  • He has garnered various honors for his services to the field of motivational speaking and has been acknowledged for his work.

3. Shiv Khera

A well-known Indian author, business consultant, and motivational speaker. Shiv Khera has received an enormous amount of love and support for his bestseller “You Can Win”. Shiv Khera began working as a car washer before becoming a prosperous businessman. He started giving motivational speeches and leading training sessions for people and businesses, inspired by his experiences and insights.

  • Shiv Khera has published other books in addition to “You Can Win,” including “Freedom Is Not Free,” “Living with Honour,” “Freedom Is Not Free,” and “You Can Sell.” 
  • He is among the best motivational speakers for corporate events.
  • His books include subjects including leadership, morality, sales, and personal development.

4. Yogesh Chabria 

Yogesh Chabria is an Indian businessman, motivational speaker, and author well-known for his knowledge of how to build riches and advance personally. He is the creator of The Happionaire Way, a firm that provides coaching, workshops, and training programs to people and organizations looking to succeed financially and personally.

  • Chabria is well known for his inspirational speeches in which he imparts his knowledge and methods for obtaining material riches and leading happy lives. 
  • To build money and accomplish one’s goals, he emphasizes the significance of mentality, optimistic thinking, and taking measured risks.

5. Vivek Bindra

An Indian business coach, motivational speaker, and trainer in leadership, Vivek Bindra. He is the owner of one of India’s major websites for online education for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Bindra has led many seminars and training sessions worldwide and is well renowned for his animated and dynamic speaking style.

  • Millions of viewers and subscribers have seen Vivek Bindra’s YouTube videos, which have grown significantly in popularity. 
  • He discusses a range of business, entrepreneurial, leadership, sales, and personal development-related issues.
  • Bindra has also written several books on business and self-improvement.

6. Chetan Bhagat

Indian author and journalist Chetan Bhagat is well-known for his best-selling books. He was born in New Delhi, India, on April 22, 1974. Bhagat began his professional life as an investment banker before switching to writing.

  • Chetan Bhagat’s specialty is fiction writing, and he frequently addresses topics like love, relationships, and societal issues in his writings. 
  • Bhagat’s knowledge and experiences can be helpful in those corporate events which call for a speaker with expertise in these fields.

7. Kiran Bedi

The first female IPS officer in India was Kiran Bedi. She is renowned for her formidable leadership abilities and tenacious social involvement. The themes of Bedi’s talks are social change, women’s empowerment, and leadership.

  • She is a compelling choice to deliver speeches in corporate settings due to her extensive experience and inspiring journey. 
  • She can impart insightful knowledge on successful team management, decision-making, leadership, and organizational tactics.

8. Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai

Author, corporate speaker, and leadership trainer Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai. He is an authority on the ideas of the philosopher and military tactician Chanakya, who lived in ancient India. He frequently discusses business, strategy, and leadership using Chanakya’s concepts in his presentations.

  • Dr. Pillai frequently discusses numerous facets of leadership, strategy, ethics, and personal effectiveness in his business talks.
  • To accomplish both personal and organizational goals, he emphasizes the value of self-discipline, strategic thinking, effective communication, and developing strong relationships.

9. Nandan Nilekani

Co-founding member of Infosys and an entrepreneur from India is Nandan Nilekani. He is a sought-after speaker at business events and is recognized for his contributions to the IT industry. He frequently discusses innovation, technology, and leadership in his presentations. 

  • In his business speeches, Dr. Pillai usually covers a range of topics related to leadership, strategy, ethics, and personal success. 
  • He promotes the importance of self-discipline, strategic thinking, effective communication, and forging strong relationships to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

10. Ravi Subramanian

The well-known author and corporate speaker Ravi Subramanian specializes in subjects like leadership, banking, and financial management. He engages audiences by fusing his extensive banking experience with storytelling.

  • Many of the bestselling novels written by Ravi Subramanian center on the corporate sector, providing him with a unique perspective on the difficulties and dynamics of the business world.
  • In addition, he has covered more general topics, including developing high-performance teams, making ethical decisions, and adjusting to disruptive market forces. 


1. How do I find a speaker for my event?

There are various phases involved in finding a speaker for your event:

  • Characterize your event purpose and audience
  • Choose the subject and expertise
  • Utilize personal associations and recommendations
  • Research online orator directories
  • Check online existence and reviews
  • Contact and consider potential speakers
  • Consider logistics and prerequisites
  • Finalize the orator

2. Who are the top public speakers in India?

Here are some of the top public speakers in India-

  • Shiv Khera
  • Ankur Warikoo
  • Chetan Bhagat
  • Nandan Nilekani, and more.

3. How do you approach a speaker for an event?

The fundamental elements of a speaker invitation are:

  • the event’s title, time, and location.
  • the event’s topic or focal point.
  • Describe why you believe they would make a fantastic speaker for your event.
  • why it would be to their advantage.
  • how to get in touch with you.

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