10 Best Indian Food Blogs to Read from Popular Indian Bloggers

Cooking Indian food is amazing! To cook mouthwatering, delicious food in your own is a special feeling and there is nothing that can compare to this. Yes, at the beginning of your journey to learn traditional Indian cooking your rotis may look like the maps of different countries, but after some practice, the soft, succulent and perfectly round phulkas will be your pride. Global cuisine is a good arena, but it is not for weak hearted peoples to challenge the mastering of Indian cuisine.
The essence of Indian food preparations has been handed down from generations to generations.  An ordinary amateur cook can find their holy grail when these top food bloggers in India who have decided to log on to the internet to share their cooking knowledge, experience, and experiments.  for all of those cooks who mess up in the preparation of the food, who are having troubles in the kitchen, who wish to learn the secret of flawless traditional Indian cooking and those who crave for the food that has the feel of homemade food, search for the experts who have made the cooking easy.
With the help of their easy to understand blogs, step by step instructions along with the images, and their story behind the recipe, your cooking experience is sure to be a lot more exhilarating. The choice the diversity and festivity that the traditional Indian food brings to the dinner table are amazing. If you are here to look for some of the best Indian food bloggers than here we are going to talk about top Indian food bloggers who can be trusted for their amazing creativity, distinguished palate, and discretion in the matter of food.

Why Go to the Food Blogs for Learning Traditional Indian Cooking

Since Indian cuisine is well known for spicy and rich food you can a lot of varieties in the foods. Any amateur cook can easily be lost in the huge variety of spice blends and tricks used in the Indian cuisine. That is why refereeing to a good food blog can a good choice for you if you do not want to learn from trial.
The traditional Indian cuisine is a platform where there’s a huge scope for creativity and innovation. it is given that the majority of native Indians are natural good cooks the few enthusiast chefs have gone a step ahead by going to the digital space to share and record their cooking specialties with other cooking enthusiasts.
We have prepared our list of top 10 Indian food bloggers list while keeping the following points in mind, in no particular order:

  • Updating the blog and Frequency of blogging
  • Blog optimization
  • How quickly they respond to the comments of their blog readers
  • The good use of social media platforms to support their blog and their consistency on the social media platforms
  • Variety and Innovation of dishes they’ve shared and tried out with their audiences and followers

1. Nagalakshmi – Edible Garden

2. Sailaja Gudivada – Sailu’s Food

3. Padhu – Padhu’s Kitchen

4. Dassana – veg recipes of India

5. Swasthi – Indian Healthy recipes

6. Richa Hingle-Garg- Vegan Richa

7. Manjula Jain – Manjula’s Kitchen

8. Archana Doshi – Archana’s Kitchen

9. Rajeswari Vijayanand – Raks Kitchen

10. Chitra Ganapathy – Chitra’s Food Book

11. Sharmilee Jayaprakash – Sharmis Passions

That was the run down of the top food bloggers in our country today. However, there are some other bloggers who came pretty close to making it to the top such as Nandita Iyer of Saffron Trail, Shilpa of Aayirecipes, Kavitha Ramaswamy of FoodoMania, and Anushruthi of Divinetaste.

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