5 Proven Strategies to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

For an ordinary blogger, Google Adsense is still the best and most easily accessible means, to make money through blogging. Among st the PPC advertisers out there, Google Adsense provides the best rates to its publishers, that too with a great variety of advertisements. Moreover, the trust in Google, makes many bloggers opt for Google Adsense over the others.if you are facing low adsense earnings, you can increase the same with some tips.
Still, many bloggers do not make much money out of Google Adsense. Making money out of Google Adsense is easy, if you follow the correct tactics.
If you’re not able to make money out of Google Adsense, and if you would like to improve your Google Adsense earnings, then we’re here to help you out. Today, we’re here with 5 ways to increase your income through Google Adsense.

10 Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

1. Experiment With Ad Positions

The placement of ads on your blog, largely affects the income you make from Google Adsense. As different ad spots favor different blog, there is apparently no use of copying some other blog’s ad placements.
Instead, try to shuffle your ad placements each month, and try to note down the variations. And after few months of research, you’ll be able to identify which ad spot works well for your blog, and which does not.

2. Try Both Text and Image Ads

Some bloggers only prefer text ads in their blog, whereas some other only puts up image ads on their blog. The type of ads that you put up in your blog, also largely affects on the amount you make from it.
Therefore, while choosing ad types, always go with text and image ads to get maximum profits out of your ad spaces.

 3. Very Low Traffic

It is absolute stupidity, to expect to earn a four figure income a month, with just hundreds of visits per day. No matter which method, traffic is the main tool to earn out of any blog.
Hence, a blog with barely hundreds of visits, will never be able to make a four figure income. Therefore, if you wish to earn much out of your blog, then your primary aim should be to increase the traffic of your blog, and then turn towards monetization.

4. Low Number Of Ads

It is true that readers will get distracted, if you put up lots of ads on your blog. But still, if you wish to earn then you should know that, the number of advertisements on each webpage do really matter on how well you earn from your blog.
Therefore, to get the maximum potential out of the ads placed on your blog, always opt for 3-4 ads on different spots on your webpage. Also, make sure that the ad placement does not interrupt or distract the user experience on your blog.

5. Low Quality Content

Last but definitely not the least, content matters a lot, really a lot. If your blog is stuffed with low quality, less researched and less optimized content, then there is a very little chance that your blog may yield some profit.
Therefore, if you feel that your blog has low-quality content, then its time to step up and put in more useful contents on your blog, before actually thinking to monetize your blog.

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