How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume: From Basics to Advance

The HRM or recruiter has already gone through myriads of digital marketing resume so far. So don’t be a stereotype, typical impression brings annoyance and eventually ends up getting not recruited.
You have to arrange it with strategies to showcase your qualities in an interesting and impressive style and have to understand the mind game how do they get going directly to what you really want to show them. Before starting to write the resume for your required marketing job, you have to get through the fundamental facts and strategies.
Make the resume well composed in an engaging and compelling style that easily lets your recruiter see what you want them to see.

1. Not a Fixed One, Resume is Flexible with Changing the Target Employer

Your chance is high for getting called for the interview. This is true, only if you know what your audience wants plus what they prefer, you can easily create the representation of yourself.
Mind the job type, its responsibilities and the qualities needed against them. Find out the factors like if the job is only related to writing blogs, or that will look for your keyword research and web analytics too? Find out who the employer is. When the company is small, you may need to show the knowledge and skill of every part of digital marketing system. But if it is a big one, then you may require to show only the specialized skills.
Once you get all those parameters, you are all set to draft your digital marketing resume which will surely hit the target, i.e. you will be called for the interview.
Not to Miss: Highlight the keywords and skills those interest the recruiter or hiring manager.

2. What Makes You Stand Apart?

Your effective resume for digital marketing should well define the unique blend of your skills. Create your unique, personalized and impressive proposition. Thinking outside the box always works wonder. So display the aspects of yours to outstand the crowd.
Remember, an outstanding resume may even outgun the worthy candidates if they cannot showcase themselves impressively in their resumes. So concentrate to let your qualifications make home.
For highlighting the unique set of your skills ask yourself some questions and get the excellent answers. What sorts you out of others? Is it for that you can make catchy headlines for having in-depth works? Such a skill can be of creating compelling videos. Whatsoever it is, if that can help in and accelerate digital marketing that should be there. Find them and showcase them in the resume for your digital marketing job.
Not to Miss: You may go for aligning those qualities against the targeted job responsibilities where you will apply to.

3. Design the Messaging Strategy

Form the messaging strategy that your employer feels compelling to pay attention to, then you write the resume. Mind the Facts:
Format that Highlight the value proposition has the best design for your digital marketing resume.
Analyze the keywords which are ideal for the employer.
Real examples of the value proposition are the must. Action speaks louder, it’s always louder.
The perfect layout and design to reinforce the message.
Not to Miss: All these facts must be minutely thought of and determined writing your digital marketing resume. Keep the target audience on the principal focus.

4. Can your Resume Make it to the Employer?

If no link to the target company, you will have to apply via a PC in such a case. Unlike the resume, the format should be a universal one that can be read by all recipients, say for example the PDF format. So this is vital to double check the grammar, line spacing and other issues. A confusing format is most likely to be losing interest of the employer.

Now Pull Your Socks Up- Get Started

We got what to keep in the brain arsenal, now let’s start the composition of your resume for digital marketing.


Formatting definitely stands out as the most vital thing one has to watch out for. Remember that you are going for a digital marketing job with your virtual world skill, and how you arrange yourself in the format can speak of a lot about your first impression to the employer. It will hint about your skills, thinking ability and overall creativity. If the employer has to search here and there in the resume, then better not to send the resume. The way you want to demonstrate your skills to engage the employer along your resume for winning the job, arrange the format in that way. A stereotype resume is always discouraging to go through. You can see samples for resume of digital marketing here.

Length- it speaks of Your Smartness

A single page resume is the best. Straight talk, if the HRM gets a concise, organized and well-designed resume, be sure they will feel interested to go through it as it won’t take much time. But when a resume shows up so many pages, they may not see carefully even the first page.
So when you have so many skills, qualifications and experiences, manage them within two pages. Plug your linked-in profile there. When the HRM is interested in you from the concise resume, they will get into your Linked-In profile for details. So, keep your Linked-In profile ready. Saving them their time and keeping their further interest to that profile will showcase your smartness.

Employment dates and span:

Out of all those experienced candidates, the employer finds the loyal/persistent ones. As life is not a bed of roses, persistent guys always top the priority list. Your latest experience matters a lot in terms of the time span that’s why. Three years’ experience in a single company may sometimes outdo five years’ experience in three several companies. Because the former shows long term dedication and persistence whereas the later seems like a motive to enrich the experience profile for an income hike.

Do not panic if you got a Gap

If you have ever taken a gap, it should be there in the resume. Don’t get unnerved, a gap never causes screening. Just have a logical reply. You may answer them, for example “took a break due to personal matters”, and “Needed time for the family or elderly parents.” Just don’t leave the gap empty, a rational reply will do jump past it for you.

Academic- Institute and your Course Materials

To add or not add the academic institute- it’s still an ambiguous issue sometimes for the digital marketing job seekers. Well that depends, let’s get through it.
If the job is significantly related to the nature of your targeted job, then you should do it. But even if not but you are from a reputed institute, then add it also. That will make them envisage some good calibers the institute inculcated you.
There is a matter to be considered carefully. In case of a low score in the graduation, better omit that and fill in with your previous job excellence there. But if you have obtained a good graduation figure from a small institute, don’t hesitate to add.


Your employer always want to get your location from where you will be working for the company. Let him/her know it clearly. A resume without your location is an incomplete one. It will showcase you as a careless fellow.

Bullet Points:

Last but not the least, bullet points are the must to be maintained. It helps the employer to easily identify the qualities you have and also are needed for the job. Paragraphs are always prohibited. The HRM neither the intention nor time to read through paragraphs to know about yourself.

Fresher? – Something Accelerates Past the Experience Lag

Most of the fresher feel unnerved to compete, often in case of a reputed company due to lack of experience. But don’t they have anything at all that surpasses experience?
Well, if you already have the skills which others are developing from their job experiences, your chance of touching the finishing line is higher. Why not recruiting a fresh blood with a hardworking and developed skills? So watch out for the following qualities which must be achieved and added to your resume. The clear and concise instructions of how to create an engaging fresher resume are one click away.

Content Marketing

This is what can be considered as the base of digital marketing system being indispensable these days. The brand names and the companies have realized the necessity of the flamboyant contents to keep the customers engaged to their products and services.
If you can do this task of content marketing as a fresher and have some experience in terms of outsourcing or intern, or at least have practiced this well, go add this. Keep it in such a manner as to make them ask you about and get them answered satisfactorily.

CMS Tool

We’ve talked about content marketing just now. A CMS tool or content management system tool has no parallel in getting a content marketing or relevant job. CMS to content marketing is just what a rocket is to a spaceship. Drupal and WordPress are two most popular CMS systems you will love to handle. These are easy but boosts you a lot ahead of others to get noticed.

CRM Software

Oracle and Salesforce are the two popular example of CRM software. A CRM or Customer Relationship Management software manages every customer interaction with the company. It coordinates among customer service, sales and marketing. So you can realize how vital the knowhow of a CRM software is for achieving digital marketing goal. If you can add this, be confident of getting noticed.

Mobile Marketing

It has become an extra skill as 50% of the traffic that e-commerce enjoys, gets there via mobile devices. 60% of cellphone or tab users don’t use a desktop or laptop to get to online market through those devices. Interactive site design and development is of enormous importance that’s why these days to comply with the mobile devices of the traffic. Your technical knowhow of mobile marketing, whatever level you have covered will present the enthusiastic side of yours in front of the HRM.

Lead Nurturing

This is a powerful skill used to develop relationship with the buyer at every stratum of the sales. Relationship is built up through continuous interaction, receiving queries and feedbacks and respond accordingly to engage them into the product or service. This is way you put the buyers into a comfort zone with your company’s service yielding to a long term relationship. This is a key to growth and prosperity.

E-Mail Marketing

This is not something that puts you out of the box, but it’s a must to be learnt thing that represents your conscious spirit when you want a digital marketing job. There is a sharp line between someone Googling for a definite feature in a product and someone receiving mails confirming the features he/she have been looking for. Every company want employees who can increase the newsletter outflow and delight the market with the email marketing strategies.

Industrial Tool Maestro

Some industrial tools sharpen your caliber. These specific tools help to reach the direct and specific goals with precision. You don’t need to have previous job experience in those, but those earned skills outstand the necessity of a previous experience. Here are a few:
Social Media Marketing or SMM – You can manage several of the social media accounts on behalf of the company to build the target buyer base, get feedback, make quicker interaction and analyze the data collected form the social media to understand the business situation and design the path to the desired goal.
SEO Tools – These tools help you to sort out and apply the relevant keywords that the audience is looking for and develop link building. SEO is the ultimate weapon to outgun others to stay on the top of the search engine pages.
Editing and Designing Tools – You can create catchy and impressive photos and images for blogs, add and content marketing. Broadcasting is growth- the more you can catch the eyes of the audience, the more they get to your service.
Video Creation – video content about products is the latest consumer magnet. All the brands have admitted that videography is the most engaging and appealing technique that causes the traffic to surge into their market territory on the internet.

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