5 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

There is plenty of myths about how do bloggers make money online? Many bloggers expect after a certain period of time when they opened a blog to make some money by it.
Of course, there are thousands of blogs that make a lot of money. Some bloggers write daily, others rarely provides new information. It is possible to use either approach as long as you understand the concept of money blog.
Unfortunately, many more bloggers trying to make money online methods that simply do not work and do not produce a satisfactory amount like clicking on PTC sites, display banners, sending emails and who knows what other stupid ways.
To start a blog to provide information that people need. There are plenty of people those hope to make money from a blog.
Fortunately, there is another category of bloggers before starting to make money and have less documented and realized they could make money by just writing advertorials original blog. Well, dear bloggers, we’ll talk about it in this article about advertorials.
Choosing a topic is not difficult. It is good to start a blog with the theme that you are passionate about. Any hobby can be displayed on a blog: photography, music, painting, technology, sports, prose … anything. You have to think how to make money from your blog only if your blog is high quality and the quality of forum you need a topic that you can write at least 50 posts.

1. Sponsored articles:

You can write articles to promote another site or simply publish articles submitted by the owner of another site on your blog.
That’s one way that I like. If you have a pretty good Page Rank blog, a handful of visitors and a community who knows you, you can earn enough money. PayPerPost is the fact that you are paid to write an article about a sponsor, or a small introduction that your visitors to read before visiting this website. For this you get up to $ 5, depending on the popularity of your website. Among the most important sites are ReviewMe and PayPerPost.
As the blog has a large number of unique visitors and a high PR, the price sponsored article (advertorial) may increase.
Usually items is drawn considering the SEO basics to help you get promoted website in ranking on Google.

2. Direct ads:

You can add a website in side blogroll for a monthly basis a some of amount. The amount is determined based on the popularity of your blog. If your blog has a high PR and many monthly unique visitors, the site that you add to your list of recommendations will benefit (either in terms of transfer of PR, either in terms of increasing the number of visits).
It’s a good way to make money, but do not overdo it. Google can penalize your blog. This practice is not tolerated by Google.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate gets paid based on the various actions performed by visitors: advertiser site visits, shopping on the advertiser’s website, newsletter subscription … etc.. Thus the several types of campaigns: CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click) or CPS (cost per sale).
Niche affiliate platform count all shares and revenues are shared between you and the platform holding affiliation.
If you choose a campaign CPS, you must make sure that the products or services offered by the advertiser are good. If the advertiser does not sell, you do not win.
If you want to make money online you must register in a variety of networks and affiliate programs that pay you for each of their product that you manage to sell it or recommended for each client.

4. CPC Programs (Cost per click):

This includes Google Adsense and AdBrite . are two of the most important and used software. Cost per click means that every time a visitor clicks on an ad, and you are allocated a sum of money. You can put ads on the site where you want (using the site policy that pays, of course).

5. CPA Programs (Cost per action):

Are similar to the cost-per-click, but in this case, are not paid according to the click, but the action it inteprinde visitor. That could mean a record that website, buy something, download something, etc.. Among the most important sites in this area include AzoogleAds , Commission Junction, Advertising.com.
There are two secrets to build a blog famous. The first is to get traffic to your blog, and the second is to provide information that people are interested. Ideal is to provide quality information to promote your blog online.
As you can see, there is something to learn to know how to make money from your blog. Is not complicated, nor easy. You will need time to learn and put things into practice, but to make money with a blog is an honest way of making money, a method that you can apply to both part-time and full-time.

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