How To Do Keyword Research Effectively

If you are struggling with your Blog, then i would firstly suggest you to learn SEO, abbreviation of Search engine optimization, and in SEO the first and foremost thing which will come in a blogger’s mind before writing a post is Keyword research, which is really important.
If you are not doing keyword research, then I should firstly say sorry to you, but you are throwing all your time in an dustbin, you will not get good benefits without doing keyword research for writing a post. Until or unless you are going to use Social media for driving traffic. For Driving traffic from social media, all you need is catchy headline, good fan base and good fan engagement.
But here, as me and you are talking about search engines. I want to ask you one thing… Are search engines going to see your catchy headlines? The answer is no, they will just see the keywords you are using on your blog and will show search results accordingly, and for that you have to use good keywords in your blog posts.
Note : For Both good social media and search engine traffic, you should make a good headline but in such a way that keywords should also get included in it.
So today you are going to learn about keyword research, keyword competition analysis,and finding potential keywords

Finding Potential Keywords

Firstly think of the keyword, regarding which you are going to post about then make a list of preferred keywords. For showing I am going to target a keyword “Food for Dogs”
For starting, firstly go to Google then search for this keyword and then get down to the related searches. You will find a box like this:-
Some keyword ideas you will get by seeing this Related searches box,  note down some keywords from here, we will use them while doing keyword research.
So here is how you can do keyword research.

How to Do Keyword Research

So here i am starting how to do keyword research, that is the main part. To do keyword research firstly go to Adwords keyword planner. Now follow the steps.
  • Simply fill the keyword in the box provided and click on get ideas and then after the results are loaded, then click on keyword ideas. It will look like this:-
You can see the Average monthly searches for the keyword and the competition. Like this get some keywords having huge searches. Analyse the keywords which you have found in the first step during finding potential keywords and get their potential searches.
Now for analysing competition you have to follow several steps(Don’t look at competition in adwords, it’s totally wrong many times)

How to Analyse keyword Competition

To analyse the keywords, firstly install SEOquake extension and then go to Google.
  • Search for the keyword in Google
After searching for the keyword, you will get 10 results on the first page. To check keyword competition take these points in mind:-
  • Site’s page rank
  • Site’s Alexa Rank
  • Site’s Indexed pages
  • Domain Age
  • If there is keyword in domain names
If you will find sites on the first page having not good alexa rank, page rank and domain age then you can target that keyword. You can get that keyword ranked easily, but if the alexa rank, page rank, domain age indexed pages are good then it will be hard to get your site ranked for that keyword.
Note : If you want to get ranked for high competitive keyword then don’t worry, you will get an article on it on Rahul Digital  soon.
After analyzing some different keywords, you can choose some 3-4 keywords and then you can use them on your blog.
That’s all, if you have any doubts, queries or suggestions then you can comment them below. I am here to solve your doubts.

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