10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

After the google’s frequent updates, it has become clear that in order to rank an article, not only you must write a great and quality article, but also must know how to build backlinks to your blog. If you know how to make the backlinks the right way, then you can easily rank an article, and then sit back and enjoy the organic traffic to your website. So in this post I am going to explain different ways to build quality backlinks to your blog, be it WordPress or blogger or anything.
I am not going to explain about what is anchor text and what is backlinks. You are here because you know what these are and want to know more about that. So read on.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are of two types.

1. Nofollow

2. Dofollow

Nofollow backlinks are those links which do not pass any link juice to your site, which means that , the backlinks you get from nofollow blogs or websites are of no use , since those websites don’t link back to your website.If a site is nofollow, it will have a tag “rel=nofollow” which prevents the search engine from following that link and coming to your site. So while making backlinks, you must make sure that you are not targeting any nofollow websites, since its a waste of time.
The second one, dofollow backlinks, are the ones we are talking about.The dofollow backlinks fully link back to your site, without any problems. So while commenting,etc, make sure that you follow only the dofollow blogs.The dofollow backlinks pass the link juice to your website, and help you to rank your posts.

Here a list of high pr dofollow blogs for you.

Okey. Now let us step into our business
Till date, there are a handful of techniques to make backlinks, or to build them.I will first list them out and explain them one by one after that.
Methods to build Backlinks :
1. Writing quality content and people linking back to your posts naturally
2.By submitting your link to social bookmarking sites
3. Blog commenting
4. Submitting your websites to article submission sites
5. Using backlink builder tools
6. Guest posting
7. Web 2.0 blogs
8. Forum posting
9. Link exchange (The con method)
10. Write press releases and publish them in certain websites. (Blah.. Waste of time. So i am not going to explain it)
Okey. Now that you have read the list, lemme explain it one by one.Grab a pack of popcorn.

1. Writing quality content and people linking back to your website naturally.

Thats it.Google loves quality content.And so do people who is searching for information on internet.Not only them, bloggers who writes on similar topic too loves quality content.So you might be asking, “So what??”
While writing a post, bloggers often search for similar contents for the continuation of their posts, or to give their readers some extra tips. Normally they search in the internet and finds pages which has quality content, and link to those pages from their posts.So, if your content is of good quality, and not spam, that lucky person could be you.
So here’s what you have to do. Select a topic, and write good content after making enough research on that topic.Let the post be of a good length (1500+ words=Good, 2000+ words= excellent ). Long contents are loved by both search engines and bloggers. Do not cook your sentences, and include good info about the topic. Also do not copy contents from any other sites.
Wait for some days or weeks or months.If you have quality content, people will certainly link back to you.
Here’s one additional info :Once you have published, Check which all pages are ranking for that keyword, and select the top two sites. Now go to some seo tools like semrush or ahrefs and find the list of sites linking to that post. Now collect the email address of the owners of that pages, and sent them an email requesting them that you have a quality content than the one they are linking currently, and change their link backs to your site. This trick was formulated by brian dean of backlinko.com and in most cases, it works.Now lets move to the second method for building backlinks.

2. By submitting your links to social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking just means the same type of bookmarking in your web browsers, The only difference is that, here you does it in some websites.Sign up for these websites, and bookmark your links there, not only they help in backlinking, but also can garner some visitors.
Some of the top social book marking websites are
There are a lot of another websites too.Just make sure that they are dofollow . You can find plenty of dofollow social bookmarking sites by simply googling. Afterall, googling is fun, and it gives you the satisfaction and feeling that you are doing the things yourself.

3. Building backlinks through blog commenting:

This is one of the most followed method by bloggers for creating backlinks.During the golden days of blogging,people just went to the comment boxes of other blogs, filled em with their comments and right anchor texts, and ranked like a breeze in google.
Well … those days are gone now. Google has shaked the blogosphere with there frequent penguin and panda updates to prevent spamming, and prevent ranking of useless posts, and thus clean up the search results.While it seems good for readers, it’s a real head ache to bloggers.Google has made clear that backlinks from low-quality blogs or linking to them will negatively affect your rankings. So as a result most of the leading bloggers have changed their comment section to “nofollow” which means that they are useless for any backlink juice.
But there are still a plenty of blogs with dofollow attribute. But finding them is a quiet difficult task.Here’s where “Commentluv” plugin come to our help.If you are a wordpress blogger, then you might already know what it is. After installing comment Luv in your wordpress blog, you can find other blogs with comment Luv enabled and comment there, and get dofollow backlinks from those blogs, with your post title as anchor text.
Here’s a list of high pr commentluv enabled blogs for you.
NOTE: While commenting, you must select high pr blogs, since backlinks from pr1 blogs are of no use.
Here are two methods to get pr8 and pr9 dofollow backlinks

4. Submitting your article to article submission sites

Do you know that you can get backlinks by submitting your articles to different article directories? If you didnt know until now, know it know.So inorder to get dofollow backlinks from article submission is this.
There are several article publishing sites. So if you submit the same article to all these sites, google will mark it as spam and remove it from serach results and google indexing and you will be penalised. So what to do ? I know that you might be thinking its impossible to rewrite the same article several times and submit it.Yeah its impossible.This is where article spinning comes to our help
Article spinning means rewriting an input article to another article by making necessary changes to the words according to an algorithm. There are several programs and authentic sites for spinning articles.You can find them by simply googling.So after you have spun the article, make enough hyperlinks in that with the anchor texts you want to rank for.Never give tto much link backs in one article.
While submitting a spun article, you must take care to avoid submitting the same article to different sites, since google will penalise for duplicate content.
So here are the steps:
Spin your article, and make different copies.It is recommended to make some human changes to the new article and make it look “non-machine generated”
Create hyper links (backlinks) to your site with necessary anchor texts
Submit your article, and you are done. Always take care not to submit the same article over different sites, and select only the high pr article submission sites.
Here’s a list of pr7 dofollow article submission sites for you to start with 🙂
Thats it.Lets check the next one

5. Using Backlink builder tools:

I can see the spark in your eyes when you read that. And i know what you are thinking right now. A tool for building backlinks ?? And i have made you read all these huh?? :p Wait. you can use this tool only for a quick niche blog,ie these tools are used for building huge number of tools for niche blogs, event niche blogs, which will be internet only for a short amount of time and needs to rank quickly in search engines.

Remember. Google will consider spam and penalise you if you create a 1000 backlinks in just one day.If you are using this to make dofollow backlinks for your long term blog, then limit the daily backlinks produced by these softwares to 3 or 4.
One of the most used and trusted backlink generator tool is GSA search engine ranker.You will get it with lifetime updates and a full version for 99$ .There is a trial version too.But it works only for a few days, and you cant utilize the maximum out of it from trial version.There are a lot of other tools too,scrapebox,etc. As I have said above, google it , and you will find more of it.
There is a nice but long tutorial on how to use GSA on matthew woodwards site. You can read it here.
Remeber this ” No method is black hat unless you make it look blackhat” . So be carefull while using such tools.

6. Guest posting

This is one of the best and difficult method for building backlinks.But you can make sure that all the backlinks you build will be quality backlinks. Go find some nice blogs (having some good pr), and ask the admin if you can write a post for him.Write a nice article.Also select a blog with good traffic.
Yeah. You heard it . The article must be better than those you write for your own blog, because guest posting is more than just about getting a few backlinks.
When you write a good quality post on a high traffic blog, You get Quality backlinks+ Refferal traffic from that blog+ You get popular. And in the blogosphere, getting popular means You get people who comes to your site directly for info, because the know you can deliver , and your posts are not waste.
But guest posting takes time, and effort. But i would say that it is surely worth it

6. Backlinks from web 2.0 blogs

If you have thought that guest posting is the most difficult one, then you are absolutely wrong.
Web 2.0 blogs are those blogs which runs on the free blogging platforms such as wordpress.com ,blogspot.com ,etc, and have a platform suffix with the blogs name. Like mydomain.wordpress.com etc.
In this method, You have to start a new blog on these platforms.
Select the high pr web 2.0 platforms.Here are 5 web 2.0 sites with page rank 9.


There are a lot of another blogs which you can find out by simply googling.I am not listing a lot of names since it will make this post endless.
So after selecting the web 2.0 sites, you have to start a new blog in those sites.Not just one, instead create a network of blogs.
After that take similar articles, spin it and post it in these new blogs you have made with backlinks in them pointing to your site (Just like in article submission sites, Instead that you are submitting the articles on your own blogs).
Make sure that you never use the same article twice. Web 2.0 backlinks have an important role in SEO and ranking.The difficult part is that you have to keep updating these blogs at few intervals, because if you make a blog for simply making backlinks , and after that avoids it without updating, google will consider your new web 2.0 blog as spam, and decrease its value.This is one of the most followed method for building backlinks for seo.
After all, its spun articles you are going to post in these blogs.So you wont have to waste a lot of time writing separate articles for these 2.0 blogs.And its totally worth the effort.

8. Forum Posting

This might be new for some people.But the idea is simple . You go to those high pr forums,a.k.a discussion sites, which gives you dofollow backlinks, Post a new topic, with your link in it, or reply to the existing threads with your links.If your answer is good, and not spammy, then chances are You wont get kicked out of the forum, and you will get good backlinks and highly targetted traffic to that link.

All you have to take care of while building backlinks through this method is to avoid being spammy. Post genuine topics and doubts, And you will have the results.
Here’s a list of few high pr dofollow forums for building backlinks for seo from RahulDigital. I think this much explanation is needed for this one since it is a make it out yourselves kinda thing ;).

9. Link Exchange (The con method????)

Dont get scared by the heading.Theres a reason for me calling it con .You will read it by the way.Link exchanging means exchanging links with other blog owners, whom you might know. Its like a barter system, you give and you get.Sounds simple right?
This method was used by spammers for generating massive amount of backlinks, by working together with link sharing networks.As a result, google began to penalise the link exchanging network. So chances are if you exchange links with someone who you dont know, Then most probably it will be from a link exchange network.So its advisable to exchange link with blogs owned by people whom you know.
Thats it. as I have said in the beginning, I am not going to explain 10th one, since as far as i have learnt, it is utter waste.I included it in my list only because I found a few people speaking about it in the internet.
Things to take care While building Backlinks for SEO
Daily approximate limit for the number of backlinks made from above methods should be
Web 2.0 sites, Article Submission Sites,Guest Posting : 5-10 backlinks from each
Social bookmarking, blog commenting : 15-20
Using software :3-5(for long term blogs)
Make sure the sites you follow are dofollow and high PR ones.
And last but not least: Never spam if you are a long-term blogger.
So thats it.I think that by now you must have got and idea in your mind on building backlinks. Sorry that i dint ask you to grab a couple of popcorn packs at the beginning :p .And if you have read this completely (thats why you are reading this sentence now :P) You must now know how to and where to start while making backlinks.Thats it .These are the methods for building backlinks I have learnt so far.Feel free to comment if I have missed any.

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