Top 10 Home Cleaning and Housekeeping Blogs You Should Follow 

Cleaning and decorating a house or office place is one of the secondary priorities of an individual. Keeping your house clean helps you concentrate on your work and accelerates your proficiency in your day-to-day jobs. It might be possible that you are cleaning your house in the wrong way and there could be a better way to clean your house. Home cleaning and housekeeping blogs help you in this by providing all the possible ways of cleaning and arranging your home is what they offer in an easy and doable way. 

Maintaining your house sparkling clean, neat, healthy, and eco-friendly is your responsibility. For you, Here we have provided the top 10 Home cleaning and housekeeping blogs that you must look after 

A Slob Comes Clean

  • A Slob Comes Clean is a reality-based home cleaning and housekeeping directions-giving blog. It provides an appropriate way of cleaning routines with a non-judgemental, approachable process of keeping the home clean.
  • This is one of those blogs which gives tips in the most entertaining way along with the writer’s real-life experiences and how they worked for her in a great manner.
  • Her approach to delivering her messages is just like getting a pep talk from your good pal.

Apartment Therapy

  • For some good home or apartment cleaning blogs, you need presentable and interesting design ideas. Here, you can learn interior designing options that help decorate most of your room space in an approachable and beautiful manner. 
  • Decluttering and Organizing are crucial aspects of this blog. There is also data about cleaning appliances, cleaning supplies and making a cleaning routine. 

Clean Mama

  • If you are here for some high-quality cleaning solutions with products that help with that then, you are at the place to explore it. Clean Mama blogs help in all aspects of home cleaning. 
  • Clean Mama rates and reviews brand-new cleaning items and shares them in their blog with some bold and right suggestions. 
  • They give tons of tips related to home cleaning and in addition to this, they also provide Housekeeping advice. To make their blog a little unique, they give tasks to complete in a week or month. 

The Inspired Room

  • The Inspired Room blog is mainly an interior design blog that digs deep into designing of home in a beautiful way. 
  • The writer of this blog Melissa also delivers some very crucial tips for home designing and organizing even a small corner of the house. 
  • The owner of this blog also got the honor of winning a best-seller prize in the New York Times in the category of cleanliness of the home and its impact on your health. 

Clean my space

  • This blog mainly focuses on the tips and tricks of cleaning the home, effectively using cleaning tools, organizing, housekeeping and ways of cleaning. 
  • Some useful information about how to clean your flip flops, mattresses and natural remedies formation for cleaning like baking soda etc.

House Beautiful 

  • House Beautiful blog provides high-quality, useful content that mainly focuses on cleaning of home furniture, designing a house and products that can be used to keep your home organized and clean. 
  • Their topics have a wide range of coverage including how to make your home look bigger, modular and cleaner. 

The Idea Room

  • Devoting most of her time to her home cleaning blogs, the owner of this blog is one of the most loving blog writers of all time, especially for women who are struggling with organizing their homes properly and have less time to clean houses because of their tight and busy schedules.
  • They provide free 25-day tasks which helps them in reaching the top of the house cleaning process. 
  • Some content on home crafts is also provided by this blog.

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

  • My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia blog provides some regular posts related to DIY projects, tips and tricks for home cleaning which helps in organizing a home. 
  • ‘Inspire Me Mondays’ is also hosted by this blogger in which she shares some inspiring DIY projects of her followers that are special and beautiful. 

The Organized Housewife 

  • Starting motherhood becomes a difficult task for all mothers to begin their journey. Staying at home and doing house chores becomes one of their various jobs as a mother. One of the most difficult jobs is housekeeping, organizing and cleaning the house. 
  • This blog gives you advice about cleaning and organizing your house in a trending, easy and beautiful way. 

One Good Thing

  • One Good Thing blog is owned by Jill Nytsul. She started her blog journey as a recovery process from some past addiction that she had. 
  • Initially, she started posting one nice thing a day that she achieved. She was stunned when she saw people were actually taking interest and wanted more of her advice. That’s how she started offering more homemaking and cleaning tips through her blogs.
  • This blog generally gears around ensuring your own interest and building a healthy home.


A well-organized home is a characteristic of a well-organized life. What you need is encouragement, inspirational setup ideas, and an organized system, which you can get from the right blog. The above-mentioned are the top 10 home cleaning and housekeeping blogs which can help you in a way of cleaning and sparkling your house.

Some essential tools also help in cleaning the home and making the home look more tempting and modular. Try to explore all these blogs for better experience. 


What are the Top Home cleaning blogs to follow?

Here is the list of top home cleaning blogs

  • Clean my space
  • House beautiful
  • The inspired room
  • One good thing
  • Stay at home mum
  • The organised housewife.

Who are the most popular home cleaning and housekeeping bloggers?

Let look at some of the most popular home cleaning bloggers

  • Anna Moseley
  • Toni Hammersley
  • Marie kondo
  • Becky rapinchuk
  • Melissia make

What are the ways of earning money as a housekeeping and home cleaning blogger?

There are several ways of earning money as housekeeping and home cleaning blogger some of them are

  • Through video and youtube content
  • Freelance writing 
  • Ghost writing
  • Selling ebooks
  • Advertisement and sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing.

Does home cleaning blogs mention some hacks of cleaning house perfectly?

Yes, home cleaning blogs help you with all aspects of cleaning a house and making it clean and beautiful.

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