How Can You Get Found In The Knowledge Box On The SERPS

Have you typed something into Google and found the answer in one of those handy little Q and A boxes with the dropdown arrow? Of course you have! It’s super convenient and a major time saver because you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of websites to find what you’re looking for.
What are those mysterious little boxes called? What are they all about? But most importantly, how do you get your website to appear in one of those boxes?
They’re called Knowledge Boxes or Answer Boxes. And having your website appear in one of these boxes is something anyone in digital marketing would love to achieve.

What Exactly Is Google’s Knowledge Box?

Knowledge boxes were introduced by Google in 201 and form part of Google’s “knowledge graph”. This is an algorithm that works to answer search queries directly on the search engine results page.
These boxes are a quicker, smarter way to give internet users with the answers they seek by providing a quick summary of information related to the search query. It also gives users the link to the source URL. 
These excerpts are sourced directly from websites with the most accurate information (according to Google’s algorithms) about the search query. It is prominently featured at the top of the search results page – but below adverts.
So how can you make your website worthy enough to appear in a knowledge box? Let’s take a look…

How To Get Your Website Featured In A Knowledge Box

Google created the knowledge box to provide a fast and accurate way for people to access information. Having your website appear in one of these boxes is every SEO specialists dream. Here are a few tips to help get your website a spot in one of these coveted boxes.

  • Optimize Your Content 

This might seem rather obvious but making sure your content it always on point can help you get a spot in a knowledge box. Make sure your articles or blog posts provide valuable information. Always use clear, concise sentences. If you’re blogging about “How To Use LinkedIn” try to get to the point early on. Don’t waste space with unnecessarily long intros.

  • Search Engine Optimization

In digital marketing we can never over stress the importance of good SEO practices. The same SEO rules apply to knowledge boxes. Always incorporate the relevant keywords and phrases into your content. If possible try to use them in your titles, headlines and subheadings too.

  • Meta Description

A meta description is a basic summary that explains what your website is all about. It’s usually added in the <head>section of your website’s HTML. By optimizing your meta description Google’s crawl bots will have an easier time finding your website and correctly categorizing the information. This gives you’re a better chance at appearing in the knowledge box.

  • Lists, Tables, Summaries

People love easy to read content – and so does Google. This is because it helps you find what you’re looking for more easily. When creating content for your website always use lists, bullet point summaries and tables to make the text easy on the eyes. It’s easier to read and therefore more likely to be shared. Google also tends to favor websites with content that’s easy to consume.

  • Build Links

Link building is good for websites in general. It improves your site authority, visibility and a whole bunch other good stuff. This is why you should make link building a habit. Internal linking (linking new content to content that performed well in the past) can really boost your chances of appearing in the knowledge boxes.

  • High SERP Ranking

Another great way to increase your odds of appearing in a knowledge box is with a high SERP ranking. Most websites on Google’s first page have good SEO practices, a high volume to visitors and a high domain authority too. So the higher your website ranks, the better your knowledge box chances are.

  • Beat Out The Competition

Take a look at the existing information in the knowledge boxes that are relevant to your content. On occasion some of the featured summaries aren’t always of the greatest quality. You can use this research to up your game. If your content well written and easy to read, over time you will be able to dislodge the completion from a spot or two.

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