How to Use Google's Disavow Tool Correctly

In 2013, Google officially launched their Disavow tool to help webmasters report and remove suspicious and negative backlinks pointing towards their blog.
This tool is indeed a blessing for webmasters, to remove backlinks that Google considers suspicious and backlinks that may harm their blog. And hence, save their blog from being penalized.
But the fact is that many webmasters do not know, how to effectively make use of this Disavow tool, and most of the newbie bloggers out there are in a dilemma on how to use the Disavow tool.

Why Should You Use The Disavow Tool ?

Well, the first question that would pop-up in your mind, after hearing about the Disavow Tool would be :-
“When every blogger out there are trying to build backlinks to their blog, why should I terminate or remove my existing backlinks?”
Well, that’s the point. Google loves backlinks to a web page, provided it’s from a legitimate source. For example, if you get a backlink from sites that Google gives high authority to, like the New York Times etc., Google will consider it positively and will give you a boost in rankings and SERP.
However, if you get a backlink from a site, that Google thinks to be spammy. Then Google might think that your site is spammy too. And hence, will end up penalizing your blog !
And the main reason behind bringing the Disavow Tool into existence, is to help webmasters remove such BAD backlinks pointing towards their blog.

How To Use Google Disavow Tool Perfectly ?

This tool is basically made for blogs, that has been penalized by the Google’s Penguin Algorithm update. Therefore you can use this Disavow Tool to remove the links pointing towards your blog from a blog, blog post or from the blog comments section. And here’s a basic demo on how to submit links to the Disavow Tool :-
The first step, is to create a list of links that you think is creating harm to your blog and save it as a text file (notepad suggested).

Next, go to
Select the domain name, to which you’re using the Disavow Tool.
Proceed by clicking next, and now you’ll be prompted to choose a file of links.
This is the time to make use of the list that you created earlier [containing the links that needs to be Disavowed.]
Select that file and click ok.

More About Google Disavow Tool

Using the Google Disavow Tool, to highlight bad links pointing to your site, is like a quick remedy to take if you believe your site has been hit and penalized by Google Penguin.
Disavowing the links won’t ensure that you’ll completely recover from the penalization. To completely recover off the penalization, you need to manually and completely remove those bad links pointing towards your site !
I hope this tutorial helped you to understand what the Disavow Tool by Google is, Who all should use the Disavow Tool, and how can it benefit your blog !
If you have any doubts regarding the Disavow Tool or its implications, please leave your queries as comments below !

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