Top 50 Best Gaming Blogs for Creative Inspiration

The gaming world is one that is massive and all-encompassing. From retro games released in the 80s to the modern RPG games, millions of gamers around the world have immense passion when it comes to gaming and they express it online.

Top 50 Gaming Blogs to get your creative juices running

1. Game Informer

This blog has been consistently the source of the latest news, reviews, previews, and many more within the gaming world. Game Informer was first published as a video game magazine back in August 1991; it has dominated the digital space since the website was launched in 1996.

2. Eurogamer

Launched in 1999, Eurogamer is a British website dedicated to video game journalism. It is owned by Gamer Network and primarily caters to gamers in the UK and Europe.

3. NextGen Gaming

The Nextgen Gaming site is a great source for gaming news, reviews, and previews. They also offer unique features all of which are written by passionate and dedicated gamers in the industry.

4. RPG Site

A great source website for gamers to stay up-to-date within the gaming world. RPG Site features new games, latest releases, and reviews.

5. PCGamesN

This is another British online video gaming magazine founded in 2012. PCGamesN was first launched as a platform to host original as well as user-created content.

6. Shacknews

Shacknews features video game reviews, celebrity interviews, original content, and many more. The site is currently owned and operated by Gamerhub Content Network.

7. DualShockers

As far back as 2009, DualShockers have been publishing content related to gaming. Gamers usually flock to them to see the latest game console trailers.

8. Nintendo Everything

When it comes to everything related to Nintendo, this blog is the best place to be. Great for staying up to date for the latest Nintendo games and Nintendo console updates.

9. Retro Gamer

Another British-based gaming magazine, Retro Gamer is dedicated to gamers who can’t get enough of retro video games.

10. Ubergizmo

A popular technology blog, Ubergizmo features opinionated product reviews with an added humorous spin when it comes to news and updates in the world of technology.

11. PlayStation LifeStyle

This next gaming blog site is dedicated to all things PlayStation. PlayStation LifeStyle features guides, trophies, reviews, and many more so long as it is associated with the popular gaming console.

12. Nerd Much

People into anything nerd related will find a lot of information in Nerd Much. They dedicated themselves not only to gaming but to sci-fi shows and movies and, the pinnacle of nerd culture, comic books.

13. Nova Crystallis

Focused primarily around Square Enix, Nova Crystallis is also a great source for gaming news and updates.

14. GameSpot

GameSpot prides itself on being able to deliver the most comprehensive video game coverage in the digital space. This includes news, reviews, trailers, and guides.

15. VG247

Published in the United States, VG247 has been ranked as the third-best gaming blog in the world by CNET blog Crave back in 2009. Since then it continues to provide news, updates, reviews, and more in the gaming world.

16. The Sixth Axis

Known among gamers as one of the best providers of gaming news that’s updated daily, The Sixth Axis focuses on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii, with a few PC contents here and there.

17. LevelUp

Originally published in the Philippines, Level Up! Game now caters to gamers outside the Philippines, particularly Brazil and Latin America.

18. Engadget Gaming

Considered to be the OG when it comes to publishing news, articles, and reviews about gaming, Engadget has evolved to become the intersection of entertainment, technology, and gaming.

19. 1Up

Gamers visit 1Up not just because of news and updates. They also come here to read reviews, listen to podcasts, and get game cheats.

20. GameOgre

Considered by many as an online gaming community, GameOgre features forums and blogs that cover everything from indie games to MMO.

21. Rock Paper Shotgun

Based in the UK, Rock Paper Shotgun reports on video games with a primary focus on personal computers. The site was acquired by Gamer Network in May 2017.

22. Geek

Catering to hardcore gamers and super fans, Geek continues to feature the best products together with honest reviews within the gaming lifestyle.

23. WhatCulture

From film, TV, music, gaming, and comics, WhatCulture caters to all things considered to be within the realm of nerd culture.

24. MonsterVine

MonsterVine is an independent video gaming website aimed at gaming fans

25. Indie Haven

Indie Haven features reviews, previews, news, and podcasts centered around the gaming world.

26. Gamepur

Gamepur is one of the best portals when it comes to video game guides, tips, walkthroughs, as well as breaking news, reviews, and previews.

27. Game Zone

GameZone has worked hard to bring gamers and game enthusiasts important news and updates about the industry. From news, reviews, and rumors, GameZone has it all.

28. Gematsu

Gematsu is Japan’s version of a video gaming website. Like its western counterpart, they feature news, reviews, and tips for gamers.

29. Destructoid

Destructoid is a gaming website originally founded as a video-game focused blog back in March 2006.

30. Kill Screen

Kill Screen is a print and online magazine founded in 2009. The site focuses on sharing art, culture, and facilitating dialogues and practice when it comes to games and plays.

31. Retronukes

A blog created for fans of pixelated games, Retronuke elevates the art of pixel games with the added bonus of news and reviews on the latest pixel games.

32. Gamasutra

One of the original gaming websites, Gamasutra was founded as far back as 1997. It focuses on news and updates about video game development.

33. RetroGame Man

RetroGame Man is a website dedicated to showcasing games released in the 80s and 90s. They feature reviews, tips, and guides for other retro game enthusiasts.

34. Adventure Gamers

A trusted site when it comes to reviews, interviews, and walkthroughs, Adventure Games focuses more on – you guessed it, adventure games. The site also features a forum for discussion and tips.

35. GameSpew

GameSpew is the home to all things related to video games. Here, gamers can find the latest news, features, reviews, and list of the best games available for purchase and downloads. For seo optimization, GameSpew also created a YouTube channel.

36. Space Game Junkie

For fans and enthusiasts of space gaming, Space Game Junkie is the number one portal. The site features weekly podcasts, content updates, a welcoming community, and many more.

37. Pure Nintendo

Nintendo fans are some of the most passionate gamers around and Pure Nintendo is here to cater to all their needs. It’s a great resource for all things Nintendo related, from new games, updates, to the latest news.

38. Game Fanatics

Started by a group of talented creators with a passion for video games, Game Fanatics features all the latest updates when it comes to gaming, tech, movies, and general geek culture.

39. Gamer Buzz

Gamer Buzz is the perfect place to get the latest news about Esports, competitive gaming, updates, and highlights. From League of Legends, Battlefield, to DOTA 2 and Overwatch, users are kept up-to-date and informed.

40. Giant Bomb

From video game reviews, forums, and news you get it all from Giant Bomb. They are considered to be one of the largest video game databases available online which caters to all gamers no matter their console.

41. Nintendo News

Another site dedicated to the popular video game company, Nintendo News delivers up to date news on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Retro news from around the world.

42. Push Start Play

First founded in 2010, Push Star Play which was previously known as Push-Start, is an independent video gaming journalism site made for gamers and video game enthusiasts. The site features articles, news, and the latest reviews on recently released games.

43. Siliconera

Siliconera is a blog dedicated to video game news, first-hand impressions, as well as interviews of popular gamers. Their coverage spans the entire world with accurate translation from in-house staff.

44. Nintendo Life

Another Nintendo dedicated blog, Nintendo Life covers all the latest news, reviews, updates on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii. The site also posts news, in-depth reviews,, as well as interviews.

45. Kotaku

Kotaku is a dedicated portal and blog site to gaming reviews, tips, news, and many more. Launched back in 2004, the site is owned by G/O Media with Stephen Totilo serving as editor.

46. Game Critics

Game Critics features articles that discuss first and general impressions of recently released games, ideas, as well as thoughts on any game currently available in the market. More than just plain review, the site labels its content as cultural criticisms.

47. Spong

Spong reviews over 50000 games and features numerous cover art and screens. They boast the most complete catalog of games, from retro games to modern RPG and MMO.

48. Penny Arcade

Focused on video games and video game culture in general, Penny Arcade is a webcomic written by Jerry Holkins with illustrations done by Mike Krahulik. Penny Arcade is one of the popular and longest-running web-based comics based on nerd culture.

49. Shoryuken

Daily updates and news about fighting games are posted regularly on the Shoryuken website. The site also includes features on game news, matchmaking strategies, guides, and many more.

50. GamerNode

Made for the gamers at heart, GamerNode features not just video game reviews and previews but they also include board game reviews.

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