6 Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners and Experts

Keyword research is an essential part of content marketing strategy. As of now SEO has been changed a lot in very short span of time. Keyword research tool is an inevitable one that makes our work easy. No matter how the search engine algorithm changes keyword will always play an integral part in SEO strategy. I have discussed below some of the best free keyword research tools that we use to maximize the accuracy of keyword research.

1. Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool is the top most effective tool that I use for doing keyword research. It is the friendly tool that makes the keyword research process simple. You just simply enter the word, phrase or a website URL . The tool helps you with serving the list containing similar suggestions along with the frequency of the time period that the particular term is searched for.

2. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is the easy to use interface. This tool gives you multiple of suggestions for keyword phrases and it also gives the competition level for a particular keyword phrase. This Keyword tool Wordtracker is moreover like a toolkit as it offers various features designed to target keywords. There is a premium version also. If you plan to run PPC programs or any other marketing campaign you will definitely find this tool to be very effective.

3. SEO Book Keyword tool

SEOBook offers a tool generating keyword list and phrases. It delivers result based on search volumes by market for Google, Bing and Yahoo by linking them to related global search results.

4. Uber suggest

Ubersuggest is yet another tool which comes handy aiming to help down to track out right keywords. It makes right usage of google suggest and other suggest services. You will get thousands of keyword ideas instant from user queries. Ubersuggest also offers results for video, images, news and recipes.

5. Keyword Eye

Your Keyword research will be simplified using this tool. Based on the search volume the visual tool displays keywords either in increasing or decreasing sizes. 10 free keyword searches are allowed per day. In addition you also receive great data about your competitors.

6. Wordstream Keyword Tool

Wordstream Keyword Tool contains a huge database enabling you to customize searches by filtering out niche based keyword results.  It also provide options for identifying negative keywords and finding keyword niches. It has both free and paid versions where free version providing top 100.

Final Words

The above mentioned free keyword tools provides you best possible keywords. Your keyword research will come to an end with the above keyword tools. If you come across any other keyword tool apart from the above mentioned keyword tools then please share it through comments.

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