An Interview with Faisal Amin, Co-Founder of Fruitbowl Digital

Today’s interview is with Faisal Amin, Co-Founder of Fruitbowl Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.
Digital Marketing is something that literally affects all internet businesses and blogs, so whenever I get the chance to chat with a professional, I take it.
In This interview there are some good tips from someone who has dealt with internet marketing first hand, seeing a lot of different things from the clients he has worked with.

1. Hi Faisal, Please Introduce Yourself to My Readers

I am the co-founder of Fruitbowl Digital. I have been central to the advertising and marketing industry for over 9 years, working with brands such as BMW, Zodiac, Reliance, Murugappa Group, IDFC Bank, Society Tea and the Karvy Group. As the Strategy and Marketing Head for Fruitbowl Digital, I lead a full service marketing agency that creates creative communications for companies and brands around the world, with a team of 60 plus people in three countries. As a Founder, Business Development Director, IT Turk, Head Talker,  Ideator, Twitter Influencer and award-winning Campaign Creator, I live, breathe, dream and walk Fruitbowl. Other businesses that I have been involved in are; Kira, a retail ERP solution, driven through a mobile application, co founder of Utopion Media and Co.lab.oratory, which is a 220 seating capacity, co-working space in the heart of Mumbai city. As a serial digital entrepreneur, I started my career humbly and pursued a management degree from the finest and the oldest institute in India, IIM Indore and graduated from Harvard with a degree in masters of negotiation. 

2. Please Share the Journey of Fruitbowl Digital

The journey of  FruitBowl Digital has been phenomenal. It is the 9th year and we have won multiple awards such as the agency of the year, It gives me a phenomenal rush when we do a great campaign with great brands. We have been lucky to work with some of the largest brands for example – Mumbai metro for which we have launched, managed the technology and their content. We have really boosted up, from a 2 person team to a 10,000 square feet office with 220 seats, lots of ups and downs and a lot of learning that has happened.

3. Please Share Some Tips That Newbie’s Can Use While Starting Online Business

There is no real tip as such for starting an online business, I believe for any business that you are starting you have to love what you do so that it doesn’t feel like work.
Secondly, be ready to slog more than your regular working hours. Remember the remuneration is not in terms of the money that you make but more in terms of the kick and adrenaline rush it gives you. 
Thirdly, Be very true to your business and be ready to get your hands dirty and know each and every person’s job. That is always important while building a startup.
Fourthly, Make sure that while raising funds you raise funds at the right time because there will be a lot of investors who come in but what matters most is getting people who have strategy aligned and interest in your business. 
Lastly. Never Settle the point of being focussed on one thing is not really the most right, you might want to do 100 things but always finish the first thing and get it to a sustainable level and not jump to the next one. Don’t start 5 things together at the same time. A scattered but focused approach is what is really important. 

4. What Kind of Promotional Activities Do You Use for Fruitbowl Digital

Us being a digital agency we do a lot of activities with our brands across genres for FruitBowl Digital, Co.lab.orator, Chal Rang De, KIRA and Utopion Media. Our activities vary according to the audience , the platform and the reception of those audiences on those platforms, the nature and objective of the business starting from the social media to a lead generation campaign to a purely branding activity ,educational campaigns, drip marketing depending upon brand to brand. The activities that we do are very object driven keeping in mind the audience as our core. The activities are rational in nature and it can not drive away from the goals and most importantly focused in nature and everything that is achieved around it is extra. You can not aim at two places at the same arrow while it might create a trickle down effect for you. 

5. Five Secret to Building a Profitable Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Know how to do everything in your business or make sure that you are always ready to hire people that are better than you because it is eventually people who drive a business.
  2.  Don’t be hungry always be ready to invest back into the business. 
  3. There is as simple rule either do work which is phenomenally good or do work which is paying you enough money and if you settle anywhere in between then it is not really fruitful for either parties. Always be picky about what you work on because ultimately you have a certain time bandwidth that you can work for.
  4. Always prioritize what kind of projects you want to work on. 
  5. Also you need to start differentiating between balls made up of glass and balls made up of rubber because as an entrepreneur you are facing hundreds of challenges every day, so you need to figure what you want to do right now and what can be postponed. 

6. What Tools Do You Use To Help You Run Your Business

  1. Google apps are one of those, a great deal of communication happens over the email. 
  2. Google keep is a very interesting application that helps to create task lists and other things to keep track of.
  3. Also, we have been using trello a lot that helps to create task lists and team assignments in a very effective format. 
  4. Apart from that a lot of android based applications such as tracking.
  5. For employees there is tally. 

7. How Do You Stay Updated on the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

To keep up with the market trends I do a lot of research and browse content which generally does not entail with viral videos. There is a brilliant platform that I am hooked on to called the ‘Curiosity Stream’ which is more of a scientific, OTD platform where I consume a lot of content. More than reading I consume most of the information from videos. I listen to a lot of audio books which is almost about an hour and a half worth of content everyday. Reading opens up a lot of thought spectrum for people!

8. What Are the Best Way to Pitch Potential Clients and Investors

I don’t think there is a standard pitch that you can stick to for a potential client or an investor. 
Make sure whatever you are presenting is thoroughly researched and you create customised things for your clients and enough importance is given to each of these pitches. Most of the times it gets missed out by the new age startups. Attention to detail is extremely important and figuring out the potential clients of which you may be able to close 3-4 of them out of 5 if you are very keen and make a deck which is in sync with what the client requires. 

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