Top 10 Facebook Marketing Blogs That You Must Follow

To run great ads, you need to get some strategies with creative mind and hacks. There are tons of Facebook marketing Blogs out there to help you and inspire you to learn Facebook marketing and advertising tactics.

Facebook is one of the most well-known and biggest social media platforms, with about billions of active customers and users. Facebook Businesses may efficiently increase their target audience by desired and demographic results because of Facebook’s powerful ad formats, wide range reach and comprehensive targeting choices.

Here we have given top 10 Facebook Marketing Blog that can help you in this journey 


The AdEspresso Blog is a go-to blog resource for those who are willing to improve their Facebook page through marketing, and want a effectful engagement with their target audience.

  • They have done a good job of balancing up with the most recent trends and advertisements on the Facebook marketing system.
  • They always make sure that users get more knowledge about new algorithm updates,market trends, Features that may increase the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising techniques.

Social Media Examiner

If you are new to marketing looking to strengthen your power of Facebook marketing and effective management of Facebook advertising campaigns, then The Social Media Examiner blog is definitely for you.

  • This website provides professional methods, recommendations and views to grow the impact of Facebook marketing and advertising, with a good focus on assisting businesses in attaining their marketing goals.
  • This Facebook Marketing blog offers data after deep research and strategic approach.

Ads Cook

Ads Cook is a blogging tool that helps you to test and automate different versions of Facebook Ads.

  • This blog provides the information to analyse which component of the landing page is most important for your ad performance. 
  • Another service that the tool can provide is various ways of writing Facebook Marketing blogs content.
  • The blog has plenty of resources, like A/B testing, budget optimisation, selecting the correct objective for your Facebook Ads marketing, and a way to target your effective audience.

Klient Boost

This is a performance marketing agency that mainly focuses on raising client Return on Investment(ROI), KlientBoost is an Facebook Marketing Blog which answers in-depth solutions of all things related to Facebook Ads.

  • If you are struggling with learning new things about Facebook Marketing, there’s an article which will guide you throughout the way of this journey. 
  • You’ll discover the latest information on several features and other marketing tools on the Facebook platform.


A platform for Facebook Marketing growth ideas, Saxifrage transfers its insights based on gathered information.

  • This blog mainly covers every detail of growth analysis, from tracking to growth and virality  engineering. Blogs goes in depth into the nitty-gritty of the topic. 
  • The owner of this blog mentions his experiments and his learning from the execution.
  • For the latest information you need to read the article on a daily basis and try to learn about  why microtargeting is not anymore counted in an effective way for running Facebook ads.

The articles from digital organisation, Ladder is an extremely important resource for any business wanting to up their Facebook Marketing game. 

  • From marketing templates to blueprints, these useful resources have your Facebook Marketing learning covered.
  • The posts of this blog are deeply detailed,use some helpful resources and are easy to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Facebook.
  • The writer’s expertise in Ladders is evident of the high quality of content covered by this Facebook Marketing blog. They never let a Facebook market algorithm or update change go unnoticed.


Before it was known by All Facebook but now the name has changed and became ADWEEK.

  • This blog is part of the Web media brands which is a famous marketing company covering various topics including Facebook Marketing and social media.
  • This blog posts the inside scoop on social media platforms especially Facebook. In simple language, you need to go through this blog to be on top of all information related to Facebook and its Marketing.

Ignite Social

This is a well known Blog for Facebook Marketing and when it comes to building highly effective social marketing networks and overall strategy.

  • Their blog covers various platforms. You will find many well tested Facebook  marketing approaches on this site.
  • Easy and simple work of this blog makes it different from other Facebook Marketing sites.


It can never be wrong to say that people involved in digital marketing have already heard of HubSpot.

  • Their blog has a lot of knowledgeable things to go through. 
  • On the other hand their digital marketing content has various other things related to Facebook advertising and marketing.

Convince & Convert

While this blog is known as one of the best blogs on Facebook marketing, they also post a lot of details about social media marketing.

  • Their blog covers several topics related to Facebook marketing and the advices on their blog. This  content is useful for newbies as well as advanced marketers on social networking platforms .
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For your Facebook marketing Ads or blog, you need to be more flexible, willing to experiment, and open to try some new concepts. The tips and strategies mentioned by the marketing experts are covered here which will surely help you to raise your conversion rates and increase your budget.

Follow these Facebook Marketing blogs on a regular manner to stay ahead of the competition.


Which are the most beneficial Facebook Marketing Blogs?

Let’s jump into the list of most admired Facebook Marketing Blogs

  • Razor Social
  • Pam Ann Marketing
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Ignite Social Media
  • Magnificent Marketing

What type of content can I post on the Facebook Marketing blog page?

Type of content that will be perfect for Facebook Marketing blog page can be

  • Vedios
  • Images
  • Blog posts Links
  • Trending content
  • Promotions. 

What are the benefits of Facebook Marketing blogs?

Looking for the benefits of Facebook marketing blogs here are few

  • Increases traffic 
  • Make you visible
  • Helps in making money
  • Sponsorships And Partnerships opportunities

What are the platforms for Marketing other than Facebook?

Watch out platforms for Marketing other than Facebook

  • Youtube 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin, etc.

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