How to Do effective Video Marketing for your Business

Video marketing is a trending topic in today’s market because nowadays each and every company concentrate on creating comprehensive content marketing strategies and video marketing is a part of content marketing strategy. Online retailers had grown enormously and every retailers are doing video marketing to enahnce their sales conversions. Online shoppers will not be able to hold your product in hands so there might be some uncomfortness in buying the products. So, you need to give them comfort zone by providing an effective video. Video marketing gives you immense benefits and this post points out the benefits of video marketing and some of the best practises for doing ecommerce video marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing At A Glance

  • You can Improve your product conversion rate
  • You can Increase the time spent by your users on your site
  • You can improve your site ranking
  • It will enhance your product display
  • You can deep insight about your users behaviour data

Tips Involved to create an effective video marketing strategy

There are many type of videos involved in the ecommerce market . Videos are the efficient method to increase your customer engagement and increase your conversion.

1) Enter Into Best Video Hosting preferably Youtube

Youtube is the pioneer in video hosting and attracting tons of visitors every day. Upload your product videos frequently with good eye catching title and description. Input good keywords in your video so that it attracts search engine visits at large numbers. Create a channel and make a hait of uploading your product videos frequently.

2) Integrate web content and your youtube video

Try to integrate your youtube videos in your web content. 75 percent of the people buy the product by seeing a video. So, if you integrate your youtube product videos in your product page or any relevant page it will be highly beneficial for the users to nake a decision on buying the product. And if you are videos are really great and useful definetely users will convert to buyers. Test this strategy and you will definetely see a difference on your conversion rate.

3) Create a Video gallery on your website

You can also consider about creating a video gallery on youtube. Video gallery works as a cross selling pattern and you uers can find all your product videos at one place . Placing a video gallery is highly beneficial to your users as they will not waste time in searching for the relevant videos.

4) Invest in Youtube Advertising

Youtube adversting is the inevitable part in video marketing. Youtube is the largest network which attracts tons of users every month and if you invest in such a platform your money will never go wasted and really you will get great ROI with thge help of youtube advertising

5) Upload your videos in Youtube Alternatives

Apart from youtube you can try your hands on youtube alternatives such as Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. Upload your product videos in other video hosting sites too and drive more traffic to your product videos.

6) Produce Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonial videos also play a major role in product conversions. Users always like to view a testimonial videos to know more about the product and how other user is been satisfied by the same. You can incorporate your client testimonials in your product pages and make your visitors satisfy about the product you sell.

7) Try to add links to your video in your Email

You can also add your video links in your email signature. You will get more click through rates to your videos with the help of your links in the signature. Your users can even forward that to many other people so that your video will go viral.

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