15 Beauty & Fashion Influencers in Dubai, UAE

Bloggers are just a better alternative to news reporter who provides us with the latest insights about various things in the town. There are many UAE fashion bloggers who are doing their best to give their readers the most precise account of the newest fashion in UAE.

Sand in The city
Started in 2012, this cool street blog documents individual, unique and interesting fashion from the streets of Dubai (and not only the streets). The project features stylish, attractive, and amazingly well-dressed folks around the city: on the streets, at fashion shows, art events etc.
Olga Lobanova, founder and photographer of Sand in The City, was inspired by similar projects around the globe and decided to start a pioneering street style blog here in Dubai. All images taken by her are captivating, high-quality, and inspiring.
Check out the blog and enjoy a selection street style snaps at www.sandinthecity.net
Teresa Karpinska is one of the best UAE fashion bloggers. She is a Swedish fashion stylist who currently lives in Dubai. Her blog Style Drifter (more of a website),  consists of a lot of fashion news and tips. The blog not only talks about what is being worn lately, but also what cosmetics are most suitable according to the season and climate of UAE.
I love éclairs
Irada Aliyeva from Azerbaijan who now lives in Dubai is also among the other best UAE fashion bloggers. Her blog I love éclairs has got a complete fashion guide for its readers. She blogs about jewelry, dresses, lifestyle, not to mention the various sales and discounts offered by the shops.
This blog is written by Natalia Shustova – she’s a successful real estate lawyer and fashion lover who can be seen at all the Dubai based fashion events, participating in fashion collaborations like a recent Moschino Barbie collection photo shoot. She also has a fashion label of her own named Natasha Morcos. Her blog is Shoestova has sections about beauty, style, Dubai and outfits, where latest fashion news, events and collections are covered.
Aiisha is one of the most experienced UAE fashion bloggers since she is a fashion designer of her own label. Since she is a professional in the field of fashion you can expect correct information from her blog. Her blog mainly promotes the Western fashion garments and you can check it out here.
At She9, there is less to read and more to see. Scrolling down the page you will get to see a vast variety of pictures which talk for themselves. This blog mainly focuses on Eastern fashion such as saris, shalwar kameez, Indian and Pakistani wear, henna designs and the Gulf abaya designs. If you are an Asian, then this blog will interest you the most since they have got those fashion news which you can easily follow.
Dubai Abaya Collection
As the name suggests, this blog has got a collection of abaya designs which are worn daily by the Emiratis and women living in UAE. Apart from getting to see a wide variety of Gulf abaya designs on Dubai Abaya Collection, you can also order a design you like as they are an online retail shop.
My small obsessions
Tala Farah at my small obsessions has turned her two passions; writing and fashion into a full time blogging. It talks everything about fashion, shopping and beauty. The blogger usually highlights the lacking fashion in Abu Dhabi and hence for this reason the blog is read by my people living in Abu Dhabi.
Huda Beauty
At Huda Beauty, you will come across numerous beauty product reviews. She is an award winning blogger and a Hollywood trained celebrity make-up artist who is living in Dubai. She started blogging in 2010 and within 3 years she has won hearts of many beauty and fashion freaks.
The Fierce Diaries
Lastly, The Fierce Diaries is owned by a 23 year old Nadya Hassan living in UAE. Her blog provides some really amazing dressing ideas in forms of pictures rather than words.
Now having a good fashion sense isn’t that difficult with so many brilliant UAE fashion bloggers.

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