7 Influential Food Bloggers in Delhi To Be Followed on Instagram

Food Bloggers in Delhi are the hot topics of the town because after all, food is bae. To satisfy your food cravings and give your hunger worms a treat, we have prepared a list of some amazing food bloggers in Delhi who not have explore every nook and corner of Delhi in terms of food but are also giving you yummy ideas to gift your taste buds a delicious experience.

The Best Food Blogs from Delhi | Indian Bloggers


The @runwayonmyplate food blogging Delhi page belongs to Yishu Katiyal who is a fashion blogger by profession and has turned into a food blogger by personal choice. As a companion, the breathtaking pictures of amazing food items are captured by Pallav Arora who is a freelance photographer. Be it nightclubs or family restaurants or places which are known for its insides, you’ll find everything on @runawayonmyplate. You can find the review of every place in Delhi which is known for its good food and ambience with @runwayonmyplate as well. Also, for your benefit they give genuine reviews on Zomato as well which you can completely rely upon whenever you are confused with the venue for an outing and thus end up with magnificent options to treat your buds with.


Another Delhi based food blogger, Nikita Verma is the person behind @iamdatingfood. Nikita Verma believes in a famous quote that ‘there is no love sincere than the love of food’ by George Bernard Shaw. Food for sure is something which we cannot ignore ever even if we wish to do it. Even if you are not a foodie, you just cannot do it without food. From exploring new restaurants to different types of cuisines and dishes, Nikita Verma is a firm believer that each dish comes along a historic connection which leads to the cross connection of people with various cultures. I must say, this belief is definitely unique and very beautiful. Also, Nikita feels that food is her companion for life and results in a very light and free mood of hers which is total love. Well, I totally agree to her because be it a tiring day or a bad mood, good food is all that you need to fix things for the time being though. xD


The National Capital is popularly known as ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’ and you cannot state a particular reason behind it. But, definitely, i can say that the prodigious food options which Delhi has in store are one probable reason behind it. With so many options, there are chances of you missing out on certain appetizing items but you need not worry if you follow @desifoodswag on Instagram. @desifoodswag belongs to Paras Kapoor. After listening to the term Investment Banker, a serious and dedicated individual who devotes most of his/her time to his/her work is what would generally strike a person’s mind. But what if i tell you the man behind @desifoodswag is an Investment Banker by profession but also is a dedicated foodie by heart and you can feel the same by visiting his Instagram page. You’ll find everything from the desi street food options all the fancy and decorated food items listed with @desifoodswag. All spots in and around Delhi have made their way on the page of this food blogger in Delhi so that you have tremendous food options to explore in and around Delhi.


@agirlwithfork is the love for food portrayed by yet another food blogger in Delhi. An IT Consultant by profession, @agirlwithfood is the perfect epitome of a girl’s love for food as well as travel. A self-confessed obsessed eating addict, @girlwithfork is a born and brought up in Delhi girl and is the one who calls herself more of a food enthusiast and not exclusively a food critic for she believes that she has a lifelong-lasting thing for food. Also, being strongly affected by a travel bug, she travels around the globe so you can find both international dishes as well as local cuisines on her page. So following her would be of dual benefit for you in terms of yummy food items to try as well as visit certain places which offer the best quality of food.


@f_for_foodie is another food blogger in Delhi which might be started on part-time basis but is definitely a full-time dedication of two students. Food Bloggers in Delhi are on a rise all thanks to the number of students who are taking up food blogging to do justice their thing for food and @f_for_foodie is one of them. On a quest to present the world with lip-smacking food items without hurting your pockets much, @f_for_foodie is for every college student who stay broke most of their times. Students are always up for good food compiled with tasty starters, mocktails, drinks as well as desserts but with the limited budgets in the college life, you need not cut down on the quality of the food you are having. If exploring is your thing, @f_for_foodie does it for you by not only exploring but by also giving honest options and reviews for you to try. ‘Sabse Sasta, Swadisth and Tikau Khana’ from the hidden corners of Delhi is what you’ll find with this particular food blogger in Delhi.


You will be surprised to know that more of the professionally settled and well-employed people have risen the bar for food bloggers in Delhi. Shagun Raizada’s @myfoodproject is one of a similar kind. Shagun Raizada is a data analyst by profession and her love for food clearly can be felt through her page on Instagram. Being born and brought up in the National Capital, she is well aware of most of the places which offer ample amount of yummy things and thus talks about the same through her Instagram page that is @myfoodproject. In order to justify her endless love for food, she not only loves to explore every new restaurant which gets inaugurated in the city, but also makes it a point to try new dishes every now and then. Additionally, she cooks as well which is an interest of many people out there so it is easier for them to get along with her. Her blog is a perfect place where you can get through the dining, cooking as well as the taste experiences of different food outlets in Delhi.


To justify your bottomless love for spices, @teekhi_mircheee is a Delhi based food blog page which you should follow on Instagram. Dr. Radhika Agarwal is another food blogger in Delhi who started to post about her food journey some time back. Be it home-cooked meals or gourmet meals, you can find the presence of all of these on Dr. Radhika’s Instagram handle – @teekhi_mircheee. The motive behind @teekhi_mircheee is to present the best food items with genuine reviews to her Instagram followers available in and around Delhi NCR. Street vendors, fancy restaurants are all that you can find at the page of this influential food blogger in Delhi.
Down the lane of the food bloggers in Delhi, you’ll find some amazing food bloggers apart from the list to follow as well. But let me remind you that you should follow them on your own risk as once you follow them, your Instagram feed will be filled with tempting pictures on an everyday basis and end up screwing your diet plans to some extent as well.

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