10 Best Crowdsourcing Sites to Fund Your Business Idea

It is good if you have a great job, but what is better than being the boss of your own?

Nobody likes to get controlled by others, but if you are working under someone, you do not get a choice to avoid them. If you want to be the boss of your own and have great startup ideas and looking for the best crowdsourcing websites then you’re at the right place. Crowdsourcing websites help you fund your business ideas and let you live your dream life. 

1. Kickstarter

When it comes to crowdsourcing websites, Kickstarter leads them all. You can never talk about crowdsourcing sites without mentioning Kickstarter. It is not just the largest funding platform but also the most diversified. The fact that it includes a large number of trustworthy lenders makes it the first choice of any entrepreneur.

  • Kickstarter works on a reward system basis. You have to reward the funders for their investment after you get successful in your business.
  • The reward could be as small as a simple promotion of the investor through your business.

2. Patreon

If you are looking for a fundraising platform for your startup and your idea revolves around content creation, Patreon is the stop for you. No matter how diverse is the idea of your content, Patreon funds all of them, and this is what makes it special. 

  • Patreon does not wait until the funding operation is completed rather it pays you every month or even based on each piece of content created.
  • It is a site where different types of creators are financed by their fans. 

3. Indiegogo

Indiegogo can be considered a competitor to Kickstarter as it is equally popular and it has a similar crowdfunding technique. If you look at it for the first time you might not differentiate between the two sites but it has some different and extra features than Kickstarter. 

  • There is no such compulsion to rely on just one site, you can initiate a crowdfunding operation on the two sites too.
  • Indiegogo is similar to Kickstarter because it also lets you access your funding after you complete your predetermined goal.
  • But it also offers you a mouldable option in which you get to decide your funding goal. 

4. Crowd Supply 

Crowd supply is among those fewer sites that work for funding hardware startups. In a world where the craze for software development is only going upward, hardware projects are often not given importance. But Crowd Supply has got you covered. 

  • If you are planning to design an extraordinary hardware system like a special keyboard, Crowd Supply has to be your stop.
  • The only disadvantage of using this site is, it makes campaign launch a little difficult as compared to other crowdfunding sites.

5. Fundable

Fundable is a crowdsourcing site that is currently only funding US projects. There are two different financing options that Fundable offers. You can either finance yourself by exchanging your products with the consumers or you can offer shares in your business to lenders. 

  • Fundable is a very basic fundraising platform and it works similarly to any traditional fundraising company.
  • All you have to do is present your business idea to interested investors and convince them of the great possibility of your startup.
  • The only disadvantage of Fundable is that you have to pay a certain amount before initiating a campaign whereas other crowdsourcing sites let you raise funds and then ask you for fee payments.

6. SeedInvest

SeedInvest offers you investors that want a share of your business. So, if you are willing to allow shareholders in your company only then choose SeedInvest. It has been more than a decade since SeedInvest has been providing crowdfunds and it has only been growing since then with almost a million investors by now. 

  • The process of initiating your campaign starts with filling out an application form and then waiting for acceptance.
  • SeedInvest is known for funding enterprises related to tech.

7. Mightycause

It is somewhat clear from the name. Mightycause provides funds to startups that are aiming to initiate an NGO that is working towards a social cause. It is the easiest fundraising site and it does not require you to reach a certain minimum goal to get access to your funds.

  • Since you are working for a social cause, Mightycause is lenient on you and it allows you to keep the funds you raised even if you do not fulfill your set objectives. 
  • Also, there are no prerequisite conditions that you need to pass the screening, you are still eligible for launching your campaign.

8. GoFundMe

It is another popular site for fundraising since it is user-friendly and it can also adjust its terms and conditions depending on the reliability of your project. It does not just focus on large businesses but even small businesses can consider raising funds through GoFundMe. 

  • It is more suitable for local businesses that can raise funds for them through the people willing to help them.
  • Hence, if you are someone who can connect well with people and convince them to fund you, GoFundMe is the platform you are looking for.

9. Experiment

It is the best crowdsourcing website for business ideas related to science and research. Hence, scientists with innovative ideas can get funding from “Experiment” and give the world more amazing inventions and discoveries. 

  • It is not easy to find a source of funding for scientific projects as they require a lot of research.
  • Research relates to a greater time duration for getting the results.

10. Crowdcube

If you aim on becoming an investor but require funds to invest in your ideas then Crowdcube is the best website with crowdsourced reviews. Crowdcube helps you in every possible way to start your journey of becoming an investor.

  • Crowdcube is based on equity funding and it offers support at each stage of your business. 
  • You can fulfill your dream of becoming an investor through Crowdcube.


What kind of tasks are commonly performed by crowdsourcing sites?

Crowdsourcing sites generally perform following tasks

  • Obtaining ideas from diverse group of people
  • Collecting Information
  • Providing services
  • Help in Saving time and money
  • Finding people with unique thoughts and skills.

What are top Crowdsourcing Sites on the Internet?

Here is the list of top Crowdsourcing sites on the Internet

  • Indiegogo
  • Go Fund me
  • Click workers
  • Crowd Spring
  • 99 Designs
  • Crowd cube

How do crowdsourcing sites earn money?

Crowdsourcing sites earn money through  various ways including

  • Imposing small platform fee
  • Through investments
  • Helping the Real estate industry.

Are there any threats involved in funding on Crowdsourcing sites?

Whenever using any Crowdsourcing sites make sure to research and get enough knowledge about that site before funding and always Beware of frauds. 

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