6 Big Blogging Mistakes (Never Make These!)

Of course nobody is above mistake! there are common mistakes bloggers make that can make a blog fall off the cliff either you’re a newbie blogger or a professional blogger. Till date some bloggers especially professional bloggers still regret the mistake they made in the past due to how expensive the mistakes are, I’ve come across blogs that share their mistakes to their readers and how they can avoid the mistakes and i think its my turn to complie the mistakes i made in my early days of blogging. If these mistakes mentioned below is also referring to you, please take time to amend them.

Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

1. Designing your blog

This one is especially for the new bloggers, welcome to the blogosphere but please don’t let your blog design blow you off your blogging career. You want to give your blog a great look but upon all the designs you’ve implemented, you’ve never been satisfied, jumping from one theme to another, well your blog should look good but don’t let your blog design take your time, you can just outsource it if you can’t do it yourself. Looking for the perfect blog design? Check out the tips on things to consider when designing your blog

2. Typos

This is the kind of mistake nobody can escape (including me), at times its not visible, not until when someone tells you that you made a typo on your blog post. I’m used to this mistake too, whenever i want to type words like “your” i might type “you” instead, so try to check for spellings or punctuation errors. Proffread it  before publishing and when you’ve confirmed, hit the publish button.

3. Building list

If you don’t start building lists from the day one of your blog, then you are lagging behind. Don’t just focus on traffic alone but find a way to trap your visitors, use newsletters and place your opt-in form in visible areas of your blog and readers will subscribe to your newsletter to get updates.work for traffic and work for the list. THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST

4. Too many ads

Take it easy! you should at least generate traffic before jumping into monetizing your blog and even if you have those traffic and readers, mind the way you place ads on your blog, if you place too many ads on your blog then you are approximately showing your readers the exit door.

5. Reply to comments

I’ve seen many blogs that wrote useful and helpful posts but the greatest mistake they make is; not replying to comment, they don’t reply to comments, your readers may need answers on an aspect they don’t understand but most bloggers have inherited the habit of not replying to comments and not making the blog post interactive. The negative effect to this is that you can lose your readers because they wouldn’t want to visit your blog and leave with unnswered questions. Create a schedule of when you should reply to comment and gain your readers trust.
Tip: You can also generate traffic to your blog by commenting on other blogs too

6. Installing plugins (coding)

Download and installing bunch of plugins can slow down your blog, some plugins might not be perfectly configured, this can make your blog take hours to load and this can discourage readers, they won’t hesitate to leave your blog. Mind the type and number of plugins you install on your blog, install useful plugins only and delete deactivated plugins to speed up your blog. Do you know the speed of your blog also have an effect to your bounce rate?
I’ve made mistake a lot of uncountable mistakes in my early days of blogging. There’s nothing bad in making mistakes, the main mistake one can make is if you repeat a mistake you’ve made. share with us the mistakes you’ve made on your blogging journey in the comment section, others might learn from it too.

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