5 Characteristics of a Successful & Effective Search Engine Optimization Company

Not all SEO companies are equal and when it comes to choosing a company for your project it is important that you choose wisely. Find out more about SEO companies here: https://thetopseoexperts.com
Make sure that you have done your homework, you know a bit about how SEO works and you know what your expectations would be from an SEO campaign.  One of the biggest issues with SEO work is when expectations are not clearly communicated. Both you and the SEO that you use should be on the same page with regard to your campaign.

5 Characteristics to look for in a successful and effective SEO

  1. Look for a company who are progressive. SEO strategies change, move and develop all the time. Is the company keeping up with the latest trends in the market and how are they doing that. Are they training their staff? A good SEO company will use the latest tools and software and will be vigilant for changes and be flexible enough in their approach to be able to apply that to their client’s campaign. A good company are professional and they will work as a team, they allow their employees time to develop their own skills and keep an inspired and motivated workforce.
  2. A successful and effective SEO is realistic, honest and knowledgeable and not someone who is versed in the latest sales techniques and shiny presentations. They should be able to examine your campaign and be honest enough to tell you whether SEO is the best option for you. They should be aware of other marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing and pay per click campaigns to mention but a few. They may not offer the other strategies but they should be aware of them so as to offer you the best advice possible. They should be able to answer any questions that you may have and demonstrate a track record of working on other campaigns with a degree of success. A good SEO will not take on your campaign unless they believe that there will be a worthwhile benefit for your company.
  3. A good SEO will be transparent with their pricing structure and will use ethical techniques to rank your website. It may be a monthly payment strategy that they will use although some SEO’s use different pricing techniques. SEO is not cheap, do not expect it to be. Links to websites have to be obtained, content has to be written and staff have to be paid. Good links cost money and anyone who offers SEO for a ‘cheap’ price will be using strategies that are not entirely ethical. They will no doubt be using cheap links for your site and content may be copied. Not only will you find it difficult or impossible to rank but you could find that the integrity of your website is compromised and you could face a penalty from Google. Unfortunately, some of these practices are not uncommon and because SEO is a long term strategy, practices such as these are not spotted immediately.
  4. A good SEO recognises that every campaign is different and will offer you a bespoke service according to your needs. They should take the time to talk to you, assess your needs and desires and develop your campaign accordingly. They will be able to assess your competitors and plan your strategy accordingly. They will listen to you and also be prepared to offer their advice and guidance. A good SEO is realistic and will never make promises, they will offer likely outcomes based on their other work but can never promise that you will rank on a particular day at a particular time. If promises such as that are being made, it would be a good idea to walk away.
  5. Reporting on progress is often very important to the client but what also has to be remembered is if the SEO is meeting with all of his clients say twice per month to update them and to discuss progress, he then will have less time to execute the campaign so there is a balance to be struck there. You may be given access to an app via which you will be able to track your progress and it may be that meetings are restricted to the times when they are necessary. A good SEO will however be aware that progress has to be evaluated at regular intervals and should have that incorporated as part of the strategy.

An SEO campaign is not a cheap way to market your company. It has to be planned and well thought out before execution. No-one knows how Google works but ethical companies study trends and work according to what they see. If anyone tells you that they understand how Google works, it is a definite red flag. Google’s algorithm is very complex and designed to change and move around and no-one has any form of special relationship there.
A reputable SEO will not go in for ‘hard selling’ of their services, they don’t need to so be aware of the hard selling techniques and don’t fall for them. There are many unethical companies and unethical practices out there, make sure that you don’t fall foul of them. You may hear their practices referred to as ‘black hat’. You will also hear of ‘white hat’ SEO which involves the reputable practices.
SEO is a long term commitment and you should build a trust and rapport with the  company offering you the service. Remember, rankings go down as well so do not expect your path to the top to go in a direct straight line, that would be unrealistic. Trust is very important and if you are concerned, your SEO should be able to reassure you that your campaign is on track. Patience with SEO is essential. You are looking for sustainable results and as long as you are making progress month on month, you should not be too concerned. The path to the top is never smooth!

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