How to Change the Font Size in WordPress

Many WordPress blog owners are not satisfied with the default font sizes and font layout of their blog. Many WordPress bloggers keep asking for different methods to change font size in wordpress blog.
Well, font sizes are an important factor of a blog, because the size and layout of the font used on your blog must be comfortable to read and must favor your readers.Visitors will simply go away from your blog, if your blog does not have fonts that can favor the reader, and can provide a comfortable reading atmosphere for the reader.
Well, if you’re confused on how to change the font size on your WordPress blog, then today we’re here to help you out. Today, we will be showing you some easy and convenient methods to change the font size on your WordPress blog.

Change Font Size In WordPress Blogs

Changing the font size of your WordPress blog is a pretty easy task, and can be accomplished using 2 different methods.The first method is to use the post-editor of your WordPress blog.
You can easily customize the font size by editing the CSS file of your WordPress blog and changing the font size of H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 etc. tags according to your preference.
You can classify your post by using “Paragraph” for the post body, using “H2” tags for your post title and by using “H3” tags for your sub-headings. By this method, you’ll be able to keep a distinguishable difference between each heading, subheadings and post body.Also, this is the best way to SEO optimize your blog post. Hence, if you follow this method, your blog posts will favor the Search Engines. As Search Engines likes well-formatted posts.
The second method to change the font size of your WordPress blog, is by using some third-party plugins from the Plugins Store. The most commonly used plugin for this purpose is the Tiny MCE Advanced from wordpress.

This is a free plugin and can be downloaded from your WordPress Plugins Store. After activating, this plugin will allow you to change and customize the font-size of your blog and will also provide you some other additional customization options.
Additional Tip
You can never really predict your visitors. Some people may prefer large fonts, while some other prefer medium/small fonts. Font likings may differ from person to person. And therefore, you can’t really optimize your blog for everyone out there. But, you can still use plugins like “Font-Resizer” that gives your readers, the ability to customize the font-sizes according to their comfortability.
Moreover, the Font-Resizer plugin saves the reader’s selection in a cookie. So, whenever the reader returns to your blog, the plugin will automatically resize the fonts on your blog, according to reader’s previous selection.
Final Words
Now that was a simple and sweet tutorial on how to resize the fonts of your WordPress blog. The tips mentioned above are the most commonly used methods to resize fonts. If you have any queries or suggestiions, please leave them as comments below !

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