Captcha Work: 10 Best Captcha Entry Jobs Sites

If you are looking for top-earning work-from-home jobs, captcha-solving is one of your best options. These jobs are easy to perform and require no additional types of equipment other than a phone or a laptop with an efficient internet connection. Moreover, the job can be performed easily and it requires no professional skills. Moreover, these jobs are quite easy to find. There are many captcha entry job websites available all over the internet that will help you find the best and most suitable job for you. 

Top 10 Best Captcha Entry Job Sites

1. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is one of the prominent sources for providing work related to captcha. The site has been working since 2007 and it has only gained popularity over time. With Kolotibablo, you will be able to make 1$ per 100 captchas. Moreover, the earnings are multiplied by your experiences and you can increase your proficiency leading to higher earnings. But you will be required to be a little extra careful while using this website, as the chances of getting banned are common on this website.

  • It is a user-friendly website that comes with easy working procedures.
  • You can withdraw a minimum of $1 from the website.
  • There are multiple payment methods available.

2. Captcha

 Another platform that offers amazing work-from-home opportunities is 2Captcha. The website offers a lower amount as compared to other captcha-solving websites. But there are other services that the site offers, therefore, it is one of the leading platforms. Some of their additional ways of earning extra money include:

  • Referral services can be used to earn extra money.
  • You can earn 10% of the total earnings of the person who joins the website through your affiliate link.
  • You can withdraw a minimum of 0.5$ through Captcha.

3. Mega Typers

Mega Typers is another big name in the captcha-solving platforms, providing great opportunities to users every now and then. Though the website emerged as a captcha-solving platform, it offers other additional opportunities for users to earn money through digital prowess. Mega Typers has gained trust and popularity over time thus engaging a large audience.

  • It is the best site for users who have fluent writing skills. 
  • The amount of money you earn is multiplied by the number of words you write.
  • For more details, tap on the link on the header and visit their official website.

4. Captcha Typers

Another leading platform that makes earning money through captcha-solving easy is Catcha Typers. All you are required to do is create your account on their website and get started with your journey as a captcha -solver. The amount you earn through these websites varies, depending on the time you invest on these sites. You also need to have great typing skills to earn huge amounts.

  • Captcha Typers will usually ban your account if you take longer durations to solve captchas.
  • Your account can also be banned permanently if you make too many mistakes.

5. Pro Typers

Pro Typers is one the best options for people looking for a side hustle. The website is easy to handle and requires no professional skills. Moreover, you can enhance your skills and increase the amount you earn day by day. You will be offered a flexible schedule and thus, the working hours will depend on you entirely.

  • There are a plethora of payment options available on the website including Bitcoin, WebMoney, debit cards, Payza, Paypal, Western Union, and bank checks.
  • There are no time limitations, you can type for however long you want. You can visit the site by tapping on the link provided in the header for additional details. 

6. Qlink Group

 Qlink group is another great way to make money from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is solve the captcha and you will make a certain amount of money per captcha. With Qlink group, you are required to complete a minimum of 800 captcha a week, only then you will be eligible for receiving payment.

  • It is mandatory to download the Qlink group’s software in order to use it.
  • There is also a time limit for solving each captcha.

7. Pix Profit

Pix profit is open to all independent users, but your earnings will depend on the time you invest efficiently into captcha solving. The site will be more beneficial for you if you have great writing speed and can type up to 30 words per minute. There is a time limit of 30 seconds to solve each captcha. 

  • You might need a few practice sessions prior to actually starting the work.
  • Make sure that your system is connected to a fast internet connection so that you work efficiently. 
  • You can tap on the link on the header to visit the website and discover more about it. 

8. Captcha2Cash

Captcha2Cash is one of the most popular and reliable sources of income earnings. It is easy to operate and user-friendly, all you have to do is download the software and sign up. As soon as you log in to the site, you will discover useful information about the site that will guide you to earn money. The guidelines will also be helpful in the smooth functioning of the website. 

  • The website supports both Perfect Money and Payza to send payments. 
  • Captcha2Cash is built with a user-friendly interface, and hence, it is easy to operate the site.


Captcha-solving sites is a great way to get some easy money. While the world is busy going outside and hustling for hours, you can try simpler things like solving a captcha. Without much hard work, you can make decent money and the best thing? You don’t have to spend too much time thinking. Therefore, all the best for your next easy money venture.


1. How much can I earn from captcha-earning sites?

The amount of money you make from various captcha-earning sites depends on various factors:

  • The website you choose to work 
  • The number of captchas you figure out
  • The preciseness of your responses

2. Is there a registration fee to join these sites?

No, captcha-earning sites do not require any registration fee. If you come across any such site that is asking for a registration fee, it is most likely to be a scam. 

3. Are there any risks involved in using captcha-earning sites?

There are not many risks involved with these sites, but some of them are:

  • You might come across many scam websites
  • These sites are tiring after certain hours.
  • You might face challenges while making a good amount of money.

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