SEO Secrets Your Blogging Mentor Is Hiding From You

It’s quite common situation that you read someone other’s blog freuently, and implement the blog tips or seo tips given by him personally and not getting benefit? There are 2 major reasons for not getting success in the vast field of Search engine optimization. There are many tasks to follow and their is no rocket science included in search engine optimization, so you have to work hard and yet if there is rocket science in SEO then also you have to do some work.

So never think that you are going to get on 1st page of Google results without doing anything. You have to work hard for everything you are doing in online as well as offline world.
So today hereby you are going to learn the top seo optimization tricks which others are hiding from you.

The main purpose of seo is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic that circulates through your blog.

Content Plan

If you are blogging since a period of time then you have definitely heard that “Content is King” and  yeah it is the truth, if you don’t have good content on your blog, then you cannot convert visitors into loyal readers. It’s really a hard task to convert your visitors into loyal readers, for doing so you should have better content on your blog and you should follow several strategies. 
Before Starting with off page seo and content marketing you should take care of several on page seo measures which will enhance your content, ah confused? I mean optimizing your content both for bots and search engines.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the major considerable  tactic you should definitely do and implement for better search engine traffic. While doing keyword research you have to select the keyword having high monthly searches and low competition and you should use them in your blog posts.

Keywords carry the composite meaning or Definition of what your site is all about.

Write for bots as well as Humans

From many sites you have heard that “write for humans not bots because humans are going to read your blog but not bots” but i will prefer writing for both, you should add keywords to your posts at the places where they actually fits instead of just filling your blog posts with keywords. In this way your content will get ready for Google and your readers. 

If Content is King then Backlinks are Queen

After content backlinks play the major role in getting traffic to your blog, if you are creating content and not doing link building then ultimately you are wasting your time.

What are backlinks?

If you don’t know about backlinks then let me tell you that “Backlinks are the outbound links from different blogs/site to your blog/site. It helps in increasing page rank, traffic and search engine rankings. There are many techniques used to create backlinks which will be discussed later.

There are 2 different types of backlinks:-
  1. Nofollow – Through which link juice doesn’t passes. It doesn’t helps in search engine rankings but can get you traffic.
  2. Dofollow – Through which link juice passes, it helps to get search engine traffic as well as referral traffic.

Link building Strategies

There are different-different link building strategies, different bloggers are using to get good ranking boost for their blogs, some of those are listed below:-
  • Guest posting
  • Web 2.0 Link building
  • 301 Redirect method(To flow link juice)
  • Blog commenting
  • Creating Responses
  • Using search foot prints to build links
Yeah i know, that many of you are not new with these methods but if you are searching for the right way to use these ways to build links, then don’t worry i will surely share the ways to build links in future.(Subscribe to my blog to get notified for each posts) 

In Addition

At last i will say you should also give importance to these things for a better blog:-
  • Consistency
  • Good Blog Design
  • Internal Linking
  • Content marketing
  • No grammatical mistakes
Work more to grow search engine traffic, because traffic from social media sites will not be considered as steady traffic and to grow search engine traffic you have to work hard to grow your blog. Don’t think that growing a blog is as easy as eating a piece of cake.

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