5 Best Practices for Crazy-Effective Call-To-Action Buttons

You may create a very great store with awesome storefront spending your valuable time in tweaking it ensuring a proper flow.
But still you might be ending only less number of sales or conversions. One key point you need to make sure is that your final goal of your ecommerce website is to funnel your visitor to the checkout page.
You need to design your ecommerce website in such a way that it should be conversion­-oriented so that you can end up with lot of conversions.
Call-­to-­action is one of the important factor when you plan to design your ecommerce website more conversion oriented. This post gives you idea on creating a effective call­-to-­action button for your ecommerce website for more conversions.

What is meant by Call to action

Call to action is what advices your visitor to take out next action in your site. It might be a click, a purchase etc., this action will definitely make a path for your checkout page resulting in making a visitor to a buyer.
Call To Action Examples
“Add to cart” button
“Buy now” button
“Download now” button
“Shop now” button

 Call-To-Action Best Practises

1. Use Different Colour Combos and Check It

You need to make an analysis by trying out different colours and find which works best for your site. Though there is no proper definitive order that which colour converts best.
You can consider the following things

  • Call to actions should be surrounded by white space to make it clear where to click.
  • It needs to stands out from the background
  • Do not use much colors and animations

2. Urgency is the key factor to increase conversion

If you need to double your conversions then you need to incorporate a sense of urgency to your product.
People will show more interest if they found that the opportunity is limited.
You can see that in retail store a season sale that runs for a week or two and they normally get large number of customers for their season sale finally ending up with more conversions.
Just implement the same methodology in your online store. Run out a season sale for a particular time period providing discounts to products. You will surely see some rise in your conversion rate.

3. Make Usage of Right Words

The words you are using for your CTA’s should be very apt and prompt a visitor to take up a necessary action.
As the words in CTA’s plays a crucial role, you should be cautious enough in using the right words

4. Use simple buttons

Your CTA’s should not be in the form of text , it should be buttons. Statistics says that buttons convert well rather than text.
The text what you write inside the button should fall within the button. It should be simple and short

5. Choose right spots

You should carefully place your CTA’s in right spots. If possible you can try placing your CTA’s above the fold.
Normally, the content above the fold is what a visitor sees as soon as entering a website. So, if you place your CTA’s above the fold chances are high that your visitor will continue to navigate through your site.

Over To You

Implementing the above methods of “Call To Action” You are sure to improve your conversion results. Try to take up an immediate action and work it out.

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