How to Choose the Best Design For Your Blog

Your blog design is the first thing that’s going to welcome your visitors when they land of your blog, it’s something not everybody take time to look into. They skip it and start from crafting quality contents and generating traffic, it’s doesn’t stop there. You might have some quality content on your site but if you don’t have an accessible design, how can visitors read your quality content?
Traffic might also be a good tip but a high bounce rate awaits you if you don’t take time. Though it’s not late but the first thing you need to chalk out after launching your blog is your theme. Go for a theme that’ll make your readers come back to your blog (a theme that’ll also make you good affiliate sales I guess).
Rahul Digital runs on genesis framework, in my opinion, it’s the best blog design ever (you can check the full story below my author bio) and I’m proud of my theme. Having the best design makes your brand look simple, professional and at the same time accessible. Choosing a theme is not just about looks but there more features that matters a lot. Check out my guide on getting the best blog design.

Get the Best blog Design – Things to consider before choosing a theme?

Responsive Design

Don’t think all your readers are PC users, It Sucks whenever mobile users find it difficult to browse through your blog on their device (I face that a lot) and this is one of the reason why I changed my design. In order to avoid this, you need a theme that fits into any resolution. Thumbs up to genesis framework for that, not just genesis though but all their child themes are responsive, you can check out their 40+ collections of child themes.

Browser Compatibility

Your theme might look great on firefox but you never can tell how it looks like on chrome, internet explorer or safari. It might be messed up you know!  Before making the final decision of purchasing a theme, rest assured that it works perfectly OK on all browsers. We all have our favorite browsers and for a better user experience, you need to get a theme that supports all.

Good Navigation

A good navigation helps to reduce bounce rate and a theme with this feature does the magic for you. Get a theme that’ll aid your visitors in diving through your archive and other pages of your blog. It’s a great strategy of getting those returning visitors and keeping them longer on your blog.

Load time

Your website load time has a role to play in terms of ranking on SERP, of course you’d want to go for a theme that loads in a matter of seconds. Try to get a theme that loads between 1-4 seconds, if on the contrary then you’re  bidding your visitors farewell.

Easy Customization

Many of us don’t have much knowledge about CSS, HTML and PHP. Getting a theme with inbuilt features for easy customization is going to work best for you instead of breaking your theme with codes you’re not sure of.


There might be a hitch along the line while trying to customize your theme, how are you going to get yourself out of it? This is where support comes in handy. Some premium themes (like studiopress and many more) has forums and email, you can drop any query regarding your blog and you’ll be attended to but if you’re running on a theme without this feature then you might need to reconsider unless you’re a pro developer.
If your theme doesn’t have any of the features mentioned above then you’re definitely trying to kill your blog because;

  • Your blog can go blank anytime while coding your theme (especially functions.php) and this will require you to restore your blog through your cpanel. If you’re using genesis then hooks can be your savior.
  • You theme is not SEO friendly and you have a slow blog thus making your blog difficult to crawl by google and you know what the result is? Low ranking on SERP.
  • You’re going to lose your readers especially those that visits your blog on mobile devices.

Giving your blog the best design and a good user experience
You might not prefer the default design of Genesis framework, child theme or any theme you’re using, while customizing your theme the things you must consider are;
Fonts – use readable fonts and avoid readers straining their eyes while reading your blog post.
Colors – Avoid using too much colors on your blog, instead focus on a color as a primary color and other minor colors as your secondary color. You wouldn’t want to start a color riot.
Ads – Using ads and banners is the best way to make some affiliate sales and get some clicks but using (too much of) them on the wrong areas of your blogs could cost you your readers. At times you need to do some split testing and find the areas of the blog that works best for you.
Optin Forms – Utilize the use of optin forms but don’t let them be a distraction to your design also.
The fact is that your blog design affects your brand, traffic and even how you make money online. You need to look professional and give your blog a white collar. The foundation of all these is your theme, are you using the right theme?
To avoid this and take your blog ranking to its peak then the right theme to go for is Genesis from Studiopress. If you have multiple websites you can also buy their pro plus package and have access to all available child themes and more future themes to come.
If you’re looking for cheaper themes then you can check out these themes below. You should find a theme of your choice in the sea of themes they have.
Elegant themes – Get access to 80+ themes for just $39
Theme Junkie – Fast and responsive
My theme Shop – everybody’s choice
Fame themes – similar to elegant themes


Blogging gets more interesting with these tips mentioned above. I’m yet to come across a successful blog with crappy design but top blogs has awesome designs. Have you tested your blog on mobile devices and different browsers?  How does it look like, is it responsive and compatible? If not go change your theme now and let the blogosphere know you’re having the best blog design.

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