Amit Mishra Journey as YouTube Star, Blogger and Entrepreneur

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Today, I have had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing paranormal YouTuber Amit Mishra. He creates awesome content so you guys should definitely go and check his channel out and show him some love because he really deserves it!

But without further ado, let’s jump…

1. Amit, Please Introduce Yourself to My Audience

Hi everyone! I’m a blogger, Youtuber, Public Speaker, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur & online business man, it’s been approximately 3 years i am running my Youtube channel with the name Amit Mishra (Tryootech)  and have more than 263K+ Subscribers.
Do you know if you dream to achieve something and you get that after hard struggle then that achievement becomes really big and you respect that success, the same happened with me, in india their are so many Youtube Channels & Blogs you can say my channel is the most profitable among those who had same subscriber count like me.
I have poured 3 years of hard struggle to taste that small success, I have interviewed and worked with top-notch personalities in India and out-side india too.
In the guidance of those people i learnt ‘Fact Tells & Story Sells’. So I became a storyteller, I started sharing my own personal experiences with the entire world on my blog & Youtube channel.
As earlier I told you that I am a blogger too, so I blog about Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing on
I run an agency as well with the name of Webonx, here we deal with clients related to Digital Marketing solutions.

2. What Do You Think Is Essential to Be a Popular Youtuber?

Rahul, you know, no one can achieve success overnight, I have heard so many success stories of many successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, youtubers & business owners, You know what was the common thing among all of them?
Persistence, SmartWork, Clear Vision & Consistency these were the 4 common factor i got in every success story.
So, like you asked about being a popular creator, you have to have patience and your should be clear where you want to go, what you want to achieve.
You should also look after profitability of your work, there are so many youtube channels out their they have millions & millions of subscribers however, their earning is not that great.
Considering these factors one can become more popular than he/she might be thinking.

3. What Are Your 5 Best Tips to Get Success on YOUTUBE as a Vlogger or Youtuber?

Without wasting your time i will directly answer your questions, you should focus on below points:
1. Know Your Audience:
If you want to create content which people love and appreciate then you should know what your audience or followers are looking for, create content around your users need, then you can expect a positive response.
2. Watchtime: This is kind of bit technical, you should focus more on watchtime of your videos on youtube, try to retain your user on the video, that’s how you can achieve more views & subscribers.
3. Be Loyal to Your Audience: Don’t make videos for just making videos, your videos should justify your user’s loyalty, avoid promoting anything just for the sake of money, you will lose your original followers.
4. Make Natural Videos: create videos naturally don’t try to add extra flavours or impersonate someone. Don’t get influenced by other creators, be you.
5. Promote Your Content: Want to achieve success fast? Then you should promote your videos at least to your community and friends circle, that’s how you will gain initial push to your channel.

4. How Did You Promote Your Youtube Channel

In my initial days my community was the only source of promotion, however, on youtube if you are consistent then youtube will promote your videos in their feeds, suggestions & you will get more views via browser feature.
Don’t worry about promotions if you are a beginner, just create quality content with relevant title, description & tags.
For initial push to your videos like i mentioned you can promote in your friend circle that will help you to gain watchtime for your video & youtube channel as well.

5. How Do You Keep Coming up with New Ideas for Videos?

Whatever I learn new or i feel this topic my audience wants to see i just prepare it and create videos on that, I do spy on my competitors what they are doing and I get some ideas from my facebook Group & Quora as well.

6. Amit’s Monetization Guide

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel then According to YouTube’s new monetization policy you have to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in last 12 months to get your account monetized
Once you reach the above mentioned  threshold then you are eligible to apply for YouTube partner program now you can send your channel for review.
If you ask me about ways to make money from your YouTube channel then I will suggest, you should focus more on affiliate marketing, info products, sponsorships, adSense revenue, brand integration & sharing links in description of videos.
These are some monetization methods you can opt for monetizing your content.

7. What are 5 favourite bloggers, vloggers and affiliate

Good question I was thinking when you will ask me this question finally you asked.
Let’s talk about bloggers my favorite bloggers & youtubers are Harsh Agarwal, Brian Dean, Anil Agarwal, Ankit Singla & Gaurav Taneja from the flying beast are my favorites.

Thank you so much, Rahul, for interviewing me on your blog I wish everyone should achieve something in their life and be focused on their goals and all the best to you Rahul and God bless you all.
Thanks for reading guys, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this interview!
Also, a huge thank you to Amit for taking the time to do this interview, it really means a lot and you guys should definitely go and checkout Tryootech.

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