How to Start Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Do you know what is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing? Here you can learn step by step affiliate marketing and earn huge money online from home. Among all marketing strategies, affiliate marketing is one of most popular and profitable online marketing system. Thousands of people worldwide are making millions of dollars per year with affiliate marketing. So if you want to make money with affiliate marketing first you should learn the proper/right strategies otherwise you never succeed. So in this lesson, i will tell you how to start your online affiliate marketing business step by step.

What is affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the simple marketing methods wherein you refer someone to any digital or physical product and when that person purchases the product based on your recommendation, you get a commission from the company.
Affiliate marketing is likely one of the fastest and cheapest (not the easiest) ways to start making money online as you don’t need to create any products yourself. You just connect a buyer and a seller, and thus you will take a commission on the sale that has been mentioned by you.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?:

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing advertisement channel that puts merchandiser in charge of an online marketing sales force.
Merchants pay affiliates (marketers/publishers) who want to generate revenue from the placement of their various products with banners, email swipes, testimonial videos, or text links on their site.
Merchants only give money as commission to affiliate partners for results, such as a lead or a sale/purchase “pay-for-performance”.
There are 3 important persons in any affiliate program:

  • The Affiliate (Promoter/Publisher)
  • The Merchant (Owner/Advertiser)
  • The Marketplace(Connect publisher and advertiser)

Affiliate Marketing Commission Models –

  • Pay-per-Performance (Revenue Share) – Merchant gives money as an affiliate commission based on a percentage of the total order value
  • Pay-Per-Lead / Cost-Per-Acquisition – Merchant gives money as an affiliate commission for every lead or order referred from publishers website
  • Cost Per Impression – Merchant gives money as an affiliate commission for every 1,000 impressions of their banner on publishers website
  • Cost per Click – Merchant pays affiliate commission each time a visitor/traffic clicks on their banner on the affiliates’ site

Why Should You Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is now one of the world’s fastest growing and top internet marketing method to make money online and I will tell you why:

  • Cost effective: Marketing on the internet is inexpensive and you don’t have a headache about the creation cost as the product is already formed by the merchant/seller. You don’t need a corporal business place or hire employees either.
  • Global Market: Online marketing provides you the chance to reach people all over the world from home easily.
  • No Fees: You never have to pay anything to participate affiliate programs.
  • No Storage No Shipping: You don’t need to vexation about product storage, packing or merchandise of the product. Everything is taken care of by the merchant/seller.
  • No Customer Support: You don’t have to give any customer support or deal with consumer complaints as the seller does that for you.
  • Passive Income Source: A daily job can give you a fixed income as long as you proceed to work. Depending on your marketing knowledge, Affiliate marketing may give you a steady flow of income even when you are in sleep.
  • Work From Home: Affiliate marketing is really an easy and comfortable best stay at home jobs to work from home and earn cash online by doing some simple work online.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing:

To start your affiliate marketing business, you should follow some important steps I mentioned below.

  • Choose Your Niche or Topics
  • Research Various Affiliate Programs
  • Build Your Website
  • Produce Excellent Content
  • Build An Audience
  • Promote Affiliate Offers

1. Choose Your Niche/Topics & Keywords:

Before starting your affiliate marketing business, first, you have to choose a topics or subject what you are actually want to promote. Suppose you have good knowledge on health and weight loss, so first choose a niche and a keyword like “best diet for weight loss”, “fat loss factors”, “natural ways to lose weight”, “lose weight without exercise”, “faster ways to lose  weight”, “how to lose weight at home”, “how to become slim” etc. You will find a lot of keyword ideas on Google keyword planner and also in Google suggested searches. In this way, you can find your targeted niche and keywords. When you got your chosen niche and keywords, go to the next step to research various affiliate programs.
Here are some top niches you can choose for your online affiliate marketing business:
Health: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Building, Prevent Diabetes, Getting Pregnant, Diet, Nutrition, Teeth Whitening, Depression, Male Enhancement, Natural Health, Hair Loss
Dating: How to get a girlfriend, How to get a boyfriend, How to get your ex back, How to spruce up your sex life, Dating advice for men, Dating advice for women, How to save your relationship, Online Dating etc.
Make Money Online: How to make money online, Best work from home jobs, Legitimate home jobs, Make money taking surveys online, Business Opportunity, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook marketing, Youtube video marketing, Twitter marketing, Make money writing online, Make money selling eBook online, Free online jobs, highest paying hourly jobs, make money with affiliate marketing, make money with CPA marketing etc.
Others: How to sing, how to speak another language, green energy, spirituality and alternative beliefs, survival etc.

2. Research Various Affiliate Programs:

When you’ve chosen a niche, now it’s time to find out the best and profitable products and marketplace where you will find your niche targeted products. To choose better affiliate program or marketplace, you should consider the following things: availability of your niche related products, how much commission they will provide, what type of offers are over there like pay per sale, pay per click, pay per lead, pay per impression etc. There are mainly two types of affiliate products: physical product and digital product. For physical product Amazon, ShareASale, CJ etc are better. And for digital product Clickbank, JVzoo is better. For CPA offers  AdWork Media, ProLeadsMedia, AdsMain, AdGate Media, Envyus Media, CPATrend, MaxBounty, GlobalWide Media, FurtherMobi, NAMoffers, Adscend Media, Axon Media Group, Ultra Pay, PeerFly, CPAGrip, Adludum etc are better.
If you have a popular website of a specific niche you can promote multiple products, offers, and services with banner ads, contextual link etc. So before promoting affiliate and CPA offer you must create a website and make it popular. See the next step for details.

3. Build Your Website:

The easiest way to make your website is to build with WordPress the world largest and popular content management system (CMS). Millions of websites all over the world have been created with WordPress. WordPress is an open source free website creation tool to create any kinds of website. To build your website you have to buy a domain and also a hosting. You will see a lot of domain & hosting provider online but all are not good. I suggest you buy your domain and hosting from the following source who are trusted, reliable and providing best server performance. If you purchase hosting from the non-reputed organization at a cheap rate, you never get the good result for your website, sometimes server downs, sometimes it slows your website and sometimes bandwidth exceeds. And the most important thing is Google gives more priority to high end hosting server over low-performance hosting server. So for search engine ranking, good hosting is a must. I recommend you some reliable and top hosting service providers you can use:
Above two companies are world’s top and reliable hosting providers. Register any one of them and purchase your essential hosting.
After purchasing your domain and hosting, now you have to install WordPress on your server. It’s easy to install from Cpanel. You will see one-click install option for WordPress. Just click that icon and install WordPress to your site. Now you need to install an attractive theme for your affiliate marketing business. You will find the high-quality theme on Theme Forest.
Finally, when your website is ready, it’s time to make article/content for it. The article/content you create must be related to your niche but also fascinating and engaging adequate to keep your audience coming back. You must also guarantee that the site content is search engine-friendly.

4. Produce Excellent Content:

Now that your website is ready and you’ve joined an affiliate marketplace/program, you’re ready to start perhaps the most important but time-consuming part of your affiliate marketing: Creating best content.
Your target/goal for your website will be to set up it as an authority site in your selected niche, and the chief way to do this is to systematically produce specific, high-quality article/content.
You should write some informative post and article on your site about your niche. And share these content to different social media sites. If you can write high-quality killer content that engages people, they will read and purchase the product. So mainly you should write two types of article: Review article, Problem & Solution based article. People always search about their problem when they face and they are trying to find out the proper solution for it. So if your article is matched with their problem they will find it on the google search. In this way, you will get targeted customer and you must get sales from these people. And another article type is the review article. People always read reviews about a product before buying. So if you write a review article about a specific product, they will find it on google search and you will get targeted customers that will purchase your affiliate product. I recommend you to write these above two types of products on your website regularly. And also shares on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. After few days or few weeks, you will see your site has been ranked on Google search engine and people automatically find your website.

5. Build An Audience:

Building an audience for your website is producing first-class content. A curious audience will not only convey you consistent traffic but also outcome inconsistent leads, purchases & sales for you.
So how do you begin building an audience for an entirely new affiliate site? Here are few great ideas I shared you:

Promote your website content via different social media: 

The facile and most ordinary way to start building an audience for your affiliate website is via popular social media. Depending on your site niche and industry, you can select from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and various other niche and locus-specific networks. To Build up an engaged and curious following on social media is an outstanding opportunity to create relationships & once you have their faith, start to promote your affiliate products and services to them.

Guest post on high-traffic blogs:

Find some popular guest posting site that is relevant to your site niche and publish some helpful and informative content and link back to your affiliate site. In this process, you can build an audience and also rank your website on Google first page. To find your relevant guest posting site you can use the following query for google search:
Your Keyword “guest post”
Your Keyword “write for us”
Your Keyword “guest article”
Your Keyword “submit an article”
Your Keyword “submit guest post”
Your Keyword “become a contributor”
For example: if your keyword and niche are “weight loss”, then search like these:
weight loss “guest post”
weight loss “write for us”
weight loss “guest article”
In this way, you can easily find out your niche targeted guest posting site and build an audience for your affiliate site.

Build An Email List:

For affiliate marketing, the email list is a very strong way to promote your affiliate product. When a visitor comes to your site, you should provide them an exclusive free offer and make them your subscriber. If you have a big email list like 5000, 10000 niches targeted members, you will earn huge amount of money just sending a newsletter to them. So do not waste your traffic without being subscribed.

Do SEO For Ranking:

The search engine is the number one traffic source to get targeted audience and customer. People face problem and search on google for the solution. So if you once ranked your niche site, they will automatically find your site and purchase according to their requirement. For doing SEO, you have done several works like relevant guest posting, authority link building, relevant blog comment posting, high PR article submission, high PR social sharing etc. You can hire an SEO freelancer for doing SEO for ranking your niche site.

F. Promote Affiliate Offers:

Once you completed the above steps all successfully, now the time comes to promote your affiliate products and make money. Go to your affiliate marketplace and pick up some hot and popular product and insert on your website with banner, widget, text links etc. If your site is popular with targeted visitors, they will read content and purchase product and thus you will consistently earn money without doing work.


Affiliate marketing is a profitable online money making method. But it needs few month even year to get success. If you work in proper ways, you can easily get success. Follow my instruction above and start affiliate marketing today. If you have any query just contact me on Skype or email, I will help you from my best. If you really enjoy this article, Please share to your friends below.

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