How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

How many of us have realized that images can generate high traffic volume through Image search engines. For instance let us take Google Image search results or bing Image search results if at all you type any of the keyword in search engines you can find many Images loading for the keyword and the Image which appears on Top level gets more click through rate and thereby the respective site will get more traffic. So this is done by properly optimizing the Images for search engines. In this post let me discuss how to optimize Images for better search engine rankings

If you are using WordPress there are many SEO plugins available which makes optimizing the images for search engines task easier. But the website which is not made by any CMS then follow the below given tips for optimizing the Images for search engines. Also Image optimization is one of the important factor in On-page optimization

Tips To Optimize Images for  Search Engines

1 : Alt text

Alt text is given high preference when it comes to Image optimization. Alt text is nothing but the text representation of Images or in other words we can say that it is the text which is been used by the search engines to perfectly understand about the Images.
You just need to add alt=”your alt text” to your Image tag.
The normal syntax will be like this
<img src =”Image.jpg” alt =” your alt text”>

2 : Title Tags

Title element is one of the important factor in optimizing the Images for search engines. Title element always create a visual caption when a user hover over the Image.

3 : Size of the Image File

We already know that the loading time of your blog have a great impact on search engines. Do not upload a larger images as larger images make the blog to load slow and if your visitors find your blog loading slow then they will leave your blog very soon for sure. So always make sure to use some Image editing program to resize the file size of the Images.

4 : Your Image File Name

Always make sure that you name the Image file in the name of your keyword which you would like the Image to appear in search results. For example let us consider if your keyword is “Image optimization techniques “then name the file in the same name like your keyword “Image optimization techniques”

5: Image Caption

A Caption is very important for Images because it is shown below the image when a user click on the Image. Image caption is also one of the effective techniques on optimizing the images for search engines.

6: Image File format

Always it’s a good practice to save the image in jpeg format as jpeg Image files loads very fast and its resolution will be very clear even if the size gets reduced as compared to other file formats

Final Words:

These are the steps involved in optimizing the Images for search engines for better rankings. Kindly share this blog post in your social media platforms and also let me your thoughts on this post through comments.

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