How to Add Share Buttons in a Blogspot Website or Blog

Adding social media buttons and share buttons into a website or blog is very crucial for better approach to your visitors. Adding these buttons will help you reach more visitors and also it will generate some good traffic. Adding these buttons into a website or blog in WordPress is very easy. But this is not the case with Blogspot or Blogger blog or website. Either you have to have a good knowledge of css and html to work with Blogger JavaScript/html gadget.
When i started with blogger i was able to find many different types and ways of adding social media and share buttons on internet. But i was not satisfied with the user experience of some the services and the better ones have to be paid or have limitations on free product. I also tried direct adding buttons directly into the page (with basic knowledge of HTML) but failed very badly.
Then i get know about a service which is free and offers very good tools to add to your website and yes without any limitations. The site namely impressed me ! Over a period of time, i liked it very much. One of the great thing about this is, that they provide all tools for free and have analytics also.
Different types of tools offered by
Let’s dig in….

Go to

Firstly, visit website and and Sign up there. Click here to sign up
 When you sign up your dashboard will show up like this. It will show a graph of traffic coming to your website.

Add the Share buttons or any other Tool.

Click on the Add Tool button and it will show you a number of different types of tools to integrate into your website.
Choose the Follow button or share button or both (one at a time). You can do some basic settings and editing of buttons to seamlessly integrate into your website.

Add the code into your Blogger Website or Blog.

Now when you are done with your settings of the buttons click on the GET CODE option available on your dashboard or it will automatically show you the code. Click on copy code option ( first code and Second code should be copied and implemented one by one ).

Implment the code into your website.

Now when you copied the first code and come back to your Blogger Website and go to layout tab. Click on add gadget ( position of gadget doesn’t affect the position of buttons ). Now paste your code into the given space of JavaScript/HTML gadget. Again do the same with Second code.
And you are Good to go…
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