An interview with Aarthi Satheesh founder of “Yummy Tummy”

Today we have Mrs.Aarthi Satheesh, who is popularly known to the cyberspace as Yummy Tummy. Aarthi, despite being a world-class food blogger with more than a million followers swarming around her foolproof recipes, is gracefully simple and down-to-earth in nature.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work. What inspired you to start “Yummy Tummy Aarthi”?

Aarthi : Cooking has always been my passion ever since I was in college. After graduation, I got a job in a research based company. I started cooking often, and took them to work. Some of my collegues asked for the recipes. So I thought why not save my recipes in a place where everyone can access it. That’s how Yummy Tummy was born.

2. Any secret recipe you want to share with our readers?

Aarthi : I don’t have any secret recipe for myself, I share all my cooking techniques and recipe with my readers in yummy tummy.So everyone can enjoy my food and recipe..

3. How someone can start the same business as yours in terms of investment, material procurement, production, and marketing etc?

Aarthi : There is no much investment in starting a website. I used the free platform for starting a blog., then after a year I invested a little to get my own domain. I don’t even invest much in marketing, I do it occasionally. The one thing which I invest is buying produce to cook, getting some good looking props for photography and some of my time daily to check mails and to blog.

4. Any challenge you face in this profession and how you overcome that?         

Aarthi : The only challenge I face in my profession is the harsh comments and weird mails which I get. I don’t take those rude comment to my heart when you have thousands of loving viewers.

5. What are your favorite books that you would recommend our readers

Aarthi : I love reading cooking books. I have quite a few collections of it. Some of my favorite authors are Anjum Anand, Nigella Lawson, and Rachael Allen.

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